Emotions are high, your family is upset, and you’re shaking with adrenaline. You just had to use deadly force in a self-defense incident. You’ve called the cops … but now what?

The moments after any self-defense situation are an extremely stressful time, when even seasoned professionals can become overwhelmed and make life-altering mistakes. No victim of a self-defense incident should ever have to worry about what comes next, but sadly, responsibly armed Americans can still be arrested, have their property seized and face prosecution. That’s where the award-winning Critical Response Team steps in.

What Is Delta Defense’s Critical Response Team?

So, what is the Critical Response Team? The answer isn’t really what, but who!

The Critical Response Team (CRT) is a highly trained and dedicated group of individuals standing by 24/7/365 to help USCCA members in the aftermath of any lawful self-defense incident.

This award-winning group of compassionate and knowledgeable professionals is ready to jump into action the moment you call and can quickly provide vital information and services to help you and your family navigate the complex impact of a critical use-of-force incident.

What to Expect After Calling the Critical Response Team

Atmospheric photo of the blue light on a police car's light bar, with blurred city lights in the background

After you’ve contacted appropriate authorities, call the Critical Response Team for help navigating the aftermath of your critical self-defense incident.

You’ve just been in a self-defense incident and you’ve contacted the appropriate authorities, but now what? The second you call the Critical Response Team for USCCA members, you will be connected to an experienced professional who will stay with you every step of the way…

Here’s what happens when you call the CRT, your first call after 911:

  1. Establish Security: A team member will establish that you are safe and secure and will ensure that the police are called.
  2. Facilitate Communication: Vital information, such as your emergency contact and current location, will be recorded.
  3. Provide Legal Assistance: The offer of an experienced Pro-Second-Amendment attorney will be facilitated. Your dedicated CRT has off-hour access to more than 1,000 attorneys across the country, and you are able to immediately connect your attorney directly to the police, avoiding the stress and dangers of the questioning process altogether.
    If for some reason you are detained, a member of the CRT will not only stay connected with you or your emergency contact but will also ensure that your attorney calls or meets you at the detainment facility to establish representation.
  4. Secure Financial Payment: With the USCCA’s up-front funding for criminal defense and bail bonds and up to $2.25 million in Self-Defense SHIELD protection, you can relax knowing your financial needs will be covered.
    If you are jailed after a self-defense incident, your CRT Case Manager will begin the release process by activating all USCCA Membership benefits, including contacting a bonds company and notifying an emergency contact or family member.

The bottom line? No matter where you are in the process after a lawful self-defense incident, our Critical Response Team is there for you.

How Are We Qualified?

Every member of the Critical Response Team is uniquely qualified to provide outstanding personal service when USCCA members need it most.

Each team member has successfully completed education and certification in Critical Incident Stress Management, first response, crisis management and suicide prevention and is a member of the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation.

Continuing education is also a top priority for our team, with individual members maintaining involvement and qualifications in programs such as the National Guard Medical Evacuation and Risk Management.

Real-Life Situations Experience

So, what do members say about us? Check out just a few of the hundreds of testimonials from USCCA Members we’ve served:

“It brings me to tears knowing you guys swiftly helped me in this unfortunate crisis and provided me with strong counsel in my moment of need. Any moment having to defend yourself for any reason is an incredibly terrifying experience, especially in a circumstance in which one is injured. You helped me get home to my family, gave me the freedom to seek the medical attention I need and that alone makes me eternally grateful. I cannot thank you enough for your support.”
— USCCA Member

“A few weeks ago, I was arrested after defending myself. I was arrested and held for 12 hours. I called your services and spoke to Elana, who is very kind and understanding. I had no issues whatsoever. I was given the name of five attorneys to choose from. I chose the attorney that I felt best to fit the situation. I have only been a member for one month and I was blown away by [how] this was handled. I am very happy to be on board, and I want to personally thank you for making the hard situation better.”
— Jeff C., Kentucky, USCCA Member

“I was involved in an incident back in July. I am so proud and grateful to be part of the USCCA. They truly made a difference in my life I will never forget. When I spoke with Alicia, she was able to calm me down and let me know we would work through this together. I could not have gotten through this without the support of this team. I am a USCCA Member for life.”
— Roberto, USCCA Member

What Sets Us Apart

The people, the service, the dedication … any one of these aspects alone could set our amazing Critical Response Team apart from the rest.

Our team goes above and beyond, performing everything from informing and comforting family members to helping displaced victims find food, work and shelter in the aftermath of a defense incident.

After a self-defense crisis, your Critical Response Team Case Manager will work tirelessly to ensure every benefit the USCCA has to provide is at your full disposal, while a concealed carry insurance company may provide you with only a card and a phone number.

Additionally, our team’s sheer volume of experience is singularly unique! Over the years, thousands of hours have been spent to ensure that every member who calls gets the utmost in personalized care.

So how do you get this team of dedicated professionals on your side? That’s as easy as one phone call or just a few clicks.

Get all of the support of Delta Defense’s Critical Response Team, plus exclusive member-only benefits like our revolutionary Self-Defense SHIELD program, simply by activating any level of USCCA Membership today.

Your benefits and peace of mind start the moment you become a USCCA Member. Join a like-minded community of more than 285,000 responsibly armed Americans who, like you, know that being protected means being prepared.