For those of us who feel like we can never get enough practice with our defensive firearms, we can conduct valuable training right in our own homes using Laser Ammo and a set of SureStrike Dry-Fire Training Cards.

Using a couple of elements from Laser Ammo, we built a timed Mozambique drill to run right on the kitchen counter. The head-shot portion is a 2-inch by 2-inch target, and the chest target is about 3 inches wide and 4 inches tall. So shooting this drill from 7 to 10 feet will require you to focus on good combat accuracy while you work to improve your speed. The goal is to put two rounds into the chest and one in the head as quickly as you can. The drill starts when the Personal Electronic Target beeps. Fire two shots on the chest target (you will get audible and visual indications of the hits — don’t cheat!) and the third to the head, which will stop the timer and show you how quickly you have finished.

This is a sight-alignment and trigger-control drill. Clearly, because it is dry-fire, you will not be dealing with any recoil, but you will improve your shooting by quickly getting a sight picture, firing without jerking the trigger and moving to the second target to do the same thing. This drill teaches you to get your front sight on target quickly and penalizes you for jerking the trigger, which will cause you to miss.

50 Dry-Fire Drills for All Skill Levels

The deck of SureStrike Dry-Fire Drill Cards offers 50 drills with three different skill levels, all to be used with Laser Ammo products. You can get hundreds of repetitions in just about any room of your house. What you save in ammo will certainly make up for the cost of the Laser Ammo products.


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