If you want to be good at something, you’ve got to focus on the follow-through. One simple trick will improve your shooting accuracy almost immediately: sight picture.

Just about every physical activity — from throwing a ball to hitting a ball to shooting a shotgun — requires that you follow through. The same is true when shooting a handgun. A good follow-through will help you stay on target, control recoil and get back on target for your next shot. All this is, of course, dependent on you NOT jerking the trigger.

Maintain a Second Sight Picture

So let’s assume that you have mastered the smooth trigger press and now want to control the recoil and get on target for the next shot. The first thing to remember is to hold the trigger all the way to the rear through the recoil and immediately acquire a new sight picture on your target. So, you’ll have one sight picture as you shoot, then you’ll hold the trigger to the rear and establish a second sight picture. You’ll release your trigger to the reset point and fire the second shot. You should start this, like all pistol training, by going only as quickly as you can stay on target. Pick up speed as you master the skill.

Shooting Speed, Power and Accuracy

At combat distances, this will greatly improve your speed and accuracy. And it’s always good to improve two legs of the gunfighting triangle.