Alaska permit process

How To Get Your Alaska Concealed Carry Permit

Whether you're new to owning a firearm or have had a gun for home defense for years, getting a concealed handgun permit may seem daunting. It doesn't have to be. There are many reasons and ways to carry a concealed weapon, but the first step is knowing Alaska's concealed carry laws. Applying for a CWP varies by state.

Read about the process for getting a Alaska Concealed Weapons Permit below.

Steps To Get A Alaska Concealed Carry Permit


Complete a firearms course within 12 months of application [except for exempt honorably retired peace officers that can provide specific documentation as outlined in 13 AAC 30.090(d)].


Have your fingerprints taken by an approved vendor.


Download and complete the application form.


Take the completed application to the State Troopers' office with the following:

  • Training course certificate; 
  • Valid Alaska driver’s license or identification card;
  • A passport-style photograph taken within 30 days; and
  • Two complete sets of fingerprints on FBI-approved fingerprint cards.

Pay the fee.


You will be notified within 30 days if your application has been approved or denied.

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What Are the Firearms Training Requirements in Alaska?

Applicants must complete an Alaska Department of Public Safety competency course within 12 months prior to application.

  • Knowledge of Alaska law relating to firearms and the use of deadly force
  • Familiarity with the basic concepts of the safe and responsible use of handguns
  • Knowledge of self-defense principles
  • Physical competence with a handgun

What Are the Alaska License to Carry a Handgun Requirements?

An applicant must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age;
  • Be eligible to own or possess a handgun under state and federal law;
  • Have been a resident of Alaska for the preceding 90 days;
  • Not have been convicted of 2 or more class A misdemeanors (or similar laws in another jurisdiction) within the preceding 6 years;
  • Not currently be in, nor in the preceding 3 years been ordered by a court to complete, an alcohol or substance abuse treatment program; 
  • Not suffer a physical infirmity that prevents the safe handling of a handgun;
  • Have successfully completed a handgun training course within the last 12 months or be an honorably retired peace officer that can provide specific documentation; and
  • Meet federal law requirements.

*Consult with an attorney if you have any questions about your eligibility. If you don’t have an attorney, you can find one by contacting the State Bar of Alaska.

What are the Fees and Terms?

$87 for New Permits

Valid for 5 years

$25 - Renewals during 90 days prior to expiration

30 Day Processing Time

Where Can I Find Application Forms?

What Concealed Carry Permit Options Exist Based on Residency?

Residency Changes:

Moving to Alaska and interested in applying for a resident permit? How soon can you apply?Alaska issues permits to residents only. In order to apply for your permit, you must be an Alaska resident and have lived in the state for more than 90 days.

Moving from Alaska and have an Alaska resident permit? Does that permit transfer to your new state? Is there a grace period during which your Alaska permit remains valid?If a person with an Alaska concealed handgun permit establishes residency in another state, the pistol permit expires upon the establishment of residence in the other state.

How Do I Renew My Concealed Carry Permit in Alaska?

Renewals are the responsibility of the permittee. A permit holder may renew his or her permit beginning 90 days before the expiration date. Permits may not be renewed after they have been expired more than 60 days. If the holder desires a permit after 60 days, the “new permit” process must be completed, including completion of a new competency course.

Renewal forms may be downloaded and completed by hand or may be filled out online and printed out. The renewal form must have an original signature. 


DOWNLOAD the renewal form


COMPLETE the renewal form. Send or take the completed renewal form to the State Troopers' office with a passport-style photograph taken within 30 days and pay the renewal fee.


CHECK YOUR MAILBOX. You will be notified if your application has been approved.

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