Your First Line of Defense is YOU

AR-15 Fundamentals

You own the most popular rifle platform in the United States – learn how to operate it like it’s an extension of yourself. Gain an understanding of the usefulness an AR-15 provides for civilian defense while receiving cutting-edge AR-15 training through in-person classroom learning and range training.

The Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, & Behaviors You’ll Learn

  • Fundamentals of AR-15 marksmanship
  • Zero verification
  • Accessorizing and maintaining an AR-15
  • Efficient operation of an AR-15
  • How students recognize their capabilities with an AR-15
  • The importance of round trajectory and mechanical offset for close encounters
  • How to improve skills and precision with an AR-15
  • Specifically designed for training at 5-10 yards, the average distance of self-defense incidents

AR-15 Fundamentals

– Michael Martin, Author, Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals (2020)

Practical Training For Home & Self-Defense

Classroom Instruction

During this portion of the course you’ll learn about basic AR-15 parts and functions, cleaning and maintenance, and accessorizing your rifle. This course is designed to teach you how to operate your AR-15 safely and properly, whether for recreation, hunting, sports, or personal defense.

Live-Fire Instruction

Get hands-on experience when learning about safe and effective operation of your AR-15. During live-fire instruction, you’ll cover concepts like “confirmation of zero,” while engaging in practical and cumulative drills that apply to the defense of yourself, your loved ones, and your home.

How is this AR-15 Training Different?

Training for
Real Life

Most AR-15 training courses outside of the USCCA are high-intensity, high-speed, and aren’t focused on the civilian market. Our goal isn’t to train you like you’re part of an elite tactical unit, rather, we provide instruction that builds a strong foundation for students of all experience levels.


Student-Focused Philosophy

This is a knowledge-focused course, meaning, the only requirement needed to attend is a willingness to learn. Certified Instructors explain the “why” behind the fundamental skills of safe and effective AR-15 operations, giving you a holistic understanding of what’s being taught.


Builds Confidence and Competency

We focus intensely on building your skillset and familiarity with the AR-15 platform, which boosts confidence in your own abilities. A foundational understanding of the platform, paired with a boost in confidence, helps ensure you are better prepared in the event of a dynamic critical incident.

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