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Gear We Love — November/December 2018

Mag Storage Solutions Rack ‘Em MSRP: $19.98 Mag Storage Solutions Rack ‘Em These AR magazine racks are American-made and… Read More >

Train With Your Portable Safe

Gun owners are constantly looking for the right balance between security and rapid access. The world is full of trade-offs,… Read More >

Things to Consider When Choosing Your New Glock

The cynics in the group will say that all Glock pistols are the same and that choosing one is a… Read More >

Laser Training = 75/25

A laser on your pistol can really help you get on target faster, but it becomes easy to fall into… Read More >

In the Clear: Are Handguns Really the Best?

If you’re a regular reader of my column in the USCCA’s weekly digital newsletter The Concealed Carry Report, you may… Read More >

The Colt .38 Special Night Cobra: A Top-of-the-Line Six-Shot Snub

Fans of the double-action .38 Special snub-nosed revolver will sadly remember 1995 as the year that the Colt management team,… Read More >

A Laser That Is Ready to Fight

So, now I am the guy who has a light and laser on his gun. What does that mean? It… Read More >

A Concealed Carry Winner from Smith & Wesson

The full-sized Smith & Wesson M&P series just continues to get better and better — especially for the concealed carry… Read More >

Practice With Your New EDC Gear

Finding the correct everyday carry (EDC) gear is an ongoing battle for the responsibly armed American. If you are anything… Read More >

Changing Your EDC Gear? Practice First…

Remember when you first decided to carry? You were thoughtful and diligent in your approach to selecting gear. The same… Read More >

Faster Target Acquisition With DXT2 Optic Orange Big Dot Sights From XS Sights

Some of you may know that I have been a huge fan of XS Sights since 2006, particularly the DXT2… Read More >

Birchwood Casey 1-2-3 Aerosol Gun Cleaning Products Value Pack

Short of black powder rifles, direct gas impingement M16/AR-15 rifles are the dirtiest-shooting rifles on the planet. This is because… Read More >