“Yeet,” according to the dictionary, means to throw, often forcefully and without care for the object being thrown. It has been adopted by younger shooters as a term for firearms that are affordable and fun to shoot. And this has led to the term Yeet Cannon: “a common term for describing a large bore firearm with little in the way of a practical function.” But the Hi-Point YC9, or Yeet Cannon 9mm, isn’t just amusingly named. It also offers some serious value for both new and experienced shooters.

About the YC9 Gun

I received Hi-Point’s YC9 for testing. It is the same 9mm handgun but without the Yeet Cannon inscription on the left side of the slide. The YC9 is a redesign of the original Hi-Point C9 9mm pistol. Standard features of Hi-Point’s 9mm gun include a 1911-style thumb safety, which locks the slide when engaged, and a left-side magazine release button. The front sight is a vivid yellow, and the rear sight is red square dot.

The new frame design of the YC9 incorporated a grip safety, and the grips were redesigned to incorporate a stylized Hi-Point “H” as an anti-slip pattern. The slide was also upgraded to modern angular, and the barrel was threaded to accept accessories. There are models available with or without the threading, as well as with “YEET CANNON” engraved. One proprietary single- to double-column 10-round magazine is included. Other upgrades include a slotted rear sight that accepts Hi-Point’s optics mounting plate, as well as a molded-in light/laser Picatinny frame rail.


Weight: 34.2 ounces (standard), 33 ounces (non-threaded)
Overall length: 7.6 inches (threaded), 7 inches, (non-threaded)
Barrel length: 4.12 inches (threaded), 3.53 inches (non-threaded)
Capacity: 10 rounds

Operating the Hi-Point 9mm

The YC9 and other Hi-Point handguns are blowback operated, meaning the action is controlled by the mass of the slide operating against a spring. This operating system keeps costs down. On a more expensive gun, such as a Glock 9mm or a Colt 1911, the action utilizes a locking mechanism. However, well-made blowback actions are as reliable as any other type.

The frame of the YC9 is made of shiny black polymer. Its slide is Zamak, a dense, zinc-based metal, rather than steel. Zamak is used in less expensive blowback firearms as well as certain inexpensive .22 caliber revolvers. It seems to hold up well. The barrel is alloy steel. Empty weight is approximately 32 ounces, according to my electronic kitchen scale.

The slide needs to be retracted rearward for a longer distance than most locked-breech designs to charge the chamber and cock the action. Fortunately, the slide-grasping grooves are very well-designed and provide a secure grip. It just took a little practice to get used to.

The YC9 is the first Hi-Point handgun I’ve ever fired. While I was initially skeptical due to their price point and ungainly looks, I found the YC9 to be quite ingenious and well-made.

Firing the Yeet Cannon

I ran the YC9 through its paces at a friend’s range using SIG Sauer Elite 124-grain FMJ practice ammo without a bobble. The YC9’s fixed sights, while low in terms of height, were very visible due to the contrasting vivid colors.

The YC9 sat nicely in the hand despite the slide weight. And it was very comfortable to shoot as well as controllable. The grips had just enough texture to be non-slip without being overly aggressive. Both the grip and thumb safeties worked properly. I appreciated that Hi-Point took the time and effort to add a grip safety. If it’s good enough for the 1911, it’s good enough for the YC9. Cycling was smooth and flawless.

Testing from 21 feet, group size averaged 4 inches and likely would have been tighter with a smoother trigger. However, accuracy was perfectly acceptable for a pistol designed for self-defense at standard ranges.

Should You Buy a Yeet Cannon?

The Hi-Point YC9/Yeet Cannon impressed me. I think they have a lot of utility that shooters may have overlooked in the past. Working with it, I found it to be an inexpensive handgun option suitable for plinking or as a defensive firearm. It could be packed away as an emergency handgun in a vehicle, camper, RV or boat. Its black powder coating is attractive but is not needed for rust resistance since Zamak doesn’t rust. The barrel has an undisclosed black coating so long-term storage might require lubrication. The YC9 could also be kept as a replacement for your primary handgun should it be lost or stolen.

The YC9/Yeet Cannon is not a joke, nor is it ridiculous or impractical. Every Hi-Point firearm comes with a lifetime no-questions-asked repair warranty not just for as long as you own the gun, but for everyone else who owns it after you.


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