The call to buy a gun isn’t based on alarmism but on a need for preparedness. As the world witnesses a rise in anger, hateful rhetoric and violent actions, there’s a palpable concern that such events might spill over onto the streets of the United States. Now, more than ever, is seen as the opportune moment to purchase a firearm.

Abundant Supply and Reasonable Prices

One driving factor behind this urgency is the current abundance of firearms and their reasonable prices. Firearms, ammunition, holsters and accessories are readily available, with prices still within a reasonable range. Though ammunition prices may be slightly higher due to inflation, they remain accessible. This window of availability is an opportunity, one that might not linger.

Don’t wait for a crisis to unfold. Drawing on the wisdom of preparedness, acquire a gun and undergo training now, while there is no immediate crisis. Ensure you are well-prepared should a crisis arise. Being proactive in gun ownership and training is crucial to avoiding being caught off-guard in the face of potential violence.

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First-Time Gun Buyers and Training

The call to action isn’t limited to seasoned gun owners. First-time buyers are encouraged to take the leap and purchase a firearm. Owning a gun is a catalyst for seeking proper training. Join the USCCA for education and training. Become equipped with the skills needed to responsibly handle firearms.

Act Now Before It’s Too Late

The urgency to buy a gun and undergo proper training is not driven by panic but by a sense of responsibility and preparedness. With firearms and ammunition readily available, prices reasonable and the potential for violence on the horizon, now, more than ever, is the time to be proactive in safeguarding oneself. Waiting until a crisis is at the doorstep might prove to be a decision made too late.


It’s time to buy a gun. You need to buy one now … like this week. And ammo, holster, accessories and stuff like that. I’ll tell you why in just a minute.

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If you are on the fence, if you are a first-time gun buyer, if you are nervous about this, if you think you might want to get a gun, if you’ve never owned a gun before or if you have experience, now’s the time to buy a gun, and I will tell you why. People that I respect — people who have some insight — are talking about the potential for real violence coming to the United States.

Now, as world events unfold in such a manner that is making people angry all over the world — hateful rhetoric, terrible violent actions happening all over the world — you know what I’m talking about. I don’t have to bring it up, but there is real concern that that could spill over to the streets of the United States. Right now, firearms are plentiful, prices are reasonable. Ammunition prices are still a little bit high compared to what I was seeing years ago, but of course, inflation is running all that stuff up. But ammunition is available; it’s out there. Now is the time to buy a gun.

If and when something bad happens … if we go through another fighting season like we had in 2020 … you are going to be behind the curve, and you will be rushing to get your gun when everybody wants a gun and none are available. And if you’re living in a state like California and they have a waiting time for a permit, now is the time. Go after stuff before there is a crisis. My dad always used to tell me to do maintenance on things … to fix things before you are forced to fix them. Make it so with your firearm and make it so with your gun training.

If you are even thinking about getting a gun, you think, “Ah, maybe I’m kind of on the fence, I don’t know what I should do, maybe I should get a gun, maybe I shouldn’t,” take the leap. Jump in. Buy the gun, and then when you have the gun, that will help inspire you to go and get training so that you understand how to use it. Buy the gun. Join the USCCA. Get the training. Get to your range. Do the things that you need to do and learn how to handle yourself before you are forced to do it.

Yes, we are living in a strange time in this world. All sorts of bad things are happening all over the world. Some of that violence is spilling over to the U.S. already, and it could get worse. If and when it does, that’s going to be too late for you to run out and buy a gun, learn how to use it, and learn how to protect yourself.

The time is now. Like I said, guns are available. They’re plentiful. The prices are reasonable. Ammunition is still out there … and buy a lot of ammo. Buy 500 rounds at a time. If you buy 500 rounds and you fire 50 rounds every week, that’s not even going to last you three months. Buy ammo, buy guns, get training, do it now while we are not in crisis because when the crisis comes, it’s going to be too late. So I’m urging you, buy the gun, get the training, learn about all kinds of stuff, and do it now. Do it before you are forced to.