I have had the pleasure of working with the United States Concealed Carry Association’s Live Training Broadcast (LTB) team since just about the beginning. Sometimes folks ask me: What has it been like to be a part of the self-defense training panel, and what has changed? My answer to the latter: everything and nothing.

Growth of the USCCA’s Self-Defense Education

My very first self-defense and concealed carry LTB looked very different from the program we produce now, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Sure, there was equipment, but nothing nearly as impressive as the current outfit. And the videos created varied dramatically from the content we put out today. In those days, live concealed carry training happened on set, involving simulated ammunition and laser targets to practice marksmanship.

Aside from a dedicated production studio on the new USCCA campus (complete with loads more equipment, desks and chairs!), the Proving Ground scenario-based self-defense training has developed beyond just plinking on screen. With three fantastic videos showing the students’ journeys through training, we have an expanded emphasis on taking your concealed carry and firearms questions LIVE.

But all those changes are only skin deep. What has not changed since the very beginning is how the USCCA has always emphasized helping ordinary, responsibly armed Americans survive exceptional and tragic moments. The videos continue to provide top-notch firearms training, and members continue to be backed by top-notch access to the best self-defense legal protection.

The live training events bring in fantastic firearms trainers and self-defense panelists. These experts focus on being attentive to the questions and concerns that the audience raises, ensuring that we cover the most relevant information. It means staying on top of developing issues in the country. The USCCA then explores those issues during LTBs, scenario-based training, on the expanding YouTube channel and through other firearms and self-defense content.

A Singular Mission: Helping People on Their Self-Defense Journeys

If there was only one thing that I could convey to people who ask me about being involved in a Live Training Broadcast, it would be the dedicated and gratifying environment. I am proud to associate with a team of professionals singularly focused on their mission of helping folks along their self-defense journeys (and having fun while doing so). It should come as no surprise to anyone who has seen one of the LTBs that they are fun to do and, by extension, hopefully fun to watch. While the training topics are serious and are approached with the appropriate gravitas, there are many other light-hearted moments where everyone’s positive character shows through.

This is part of why I believe the United States Concealed Carry Association has been so successful in its endeavors — the people are genuinely vested in the critical mission of the company. It is a feeling you get the moment you step through the doors or when you chat with anyone on the team. The atmosphere and vibe are infectious and, I believe, spill over into the video productions.

USCCA’s Passion for Producing Quality Self-Defense Training

When you combine those elements — an emphasis on providing top training and legal protection to ordinary folks AND the infectious, mission-focused attitude — it leads to a fantastic environment and high-quality productions. I cannot offer high enough praise for the service and content that the USCCA puts out (though I may have a slight bias toward the LTBs and “Ask Me Anything” Attorney Webinars) and the hardworking and dedicated people who create it.

The years may roll on, the cameras may get fancier and the self-defense training videos more polished, but the dedication to the mission and people remains the same. I hope you join us on our next USCCA Live Training Broadcast and have as much fun watching as we do creating.