If you’ve ever thought about having to defend yourself from a violent attacker, you need to hear Brad’s story…

…he DIDN’T even use his gun.

You see, Brad is a USCCA Member from Texas. He works hard and lives a peaceful life with his wife and their two adopted dogs. They built their home in a quiet neighborhood to escape the chaos of the big city. It was a simple life. That is, until a road-raging maniac threatened everything they’d worked so hard for…

Road Rage Never Ends Well

On his way home from work, Brad noticed a car swerving dangerously through traffic. He tried to get out of the way but ended up stuck at a red light right next to the crazed driver. He was trapped as the man screamed obscenities and threats at him…

Though Brad begged the guy to leave him alone, the other driver suddenly got out of his car and attempted to attack Brad through his car window — right there in the middle of the road!

As a proud and responsible gun owner, Brad didn’t want to take a life unnecessarily. So, he did the only thing he could do: grabbed his pepper spray, aimed and sprayed his attacker.

He even called the police to report the attack, but when they finally arrived, Brad was the one charged with assault. Now he was left facing a criminal record, thousands of dollars in fines and the threat of a civil suit from the very road-raging maniac who attacked him.

Thankfully, when he made it home that day and spoke to his wife about what happened, she told him to see if his USCCA Member benefits could help. The Delta Defense Critical Response Team was available to provide Brad reassurance that his USCCA Membership benefits were here to help with his self-defense incident.

Brad and his family were shielded from legal and financial ruin.

He picked the attorney he wanted, and he had everything that he needed to protect everything he had worked so hard to build for his family.

In Brad’s Words…

“In the end, it would have cost literally thousands and thousands of dollars to cover all the fees and fines … I didn’t have to worry about it at all.”

With the help of the benefits of his USCCA Membership, Brad was cleared of all charges, and his attacker even confessed in court.

So here’s what you should think about:

Where would you be right now if this had happened to YOU — without a USCCA Membership that Brad had? What if it were ONLY your word against a lying criminal?

Hear Brad tell his harrowing story and find out how you too can gain peace of mind.