Slow, deliberate fire is NOT training for a gunfight. That is marksmanship practice, and it does not really improve your ability to defend yourself.

Training to fight with a pistol requires that you somehow — some way — introduce movement into your training regimen. Gunfights are fast, dynamic and unscripted. You can only count on two things in a gunfight: You won’t get much notice as to when it is going to start, and you will be shocked at how quickly it unfolds.

Standing still and getting a perfect sight picture and sight alignment is fine for improving your marksmanship, but it does nothing for improving your preparation for a fight. To introduce movement into your training, you should consider participating in IDPA shoots or buying some sort of training simulator such as Laser Ammo, a SIRT pistol or a UTM system. Most shooting ranges only allow marksmanship training. You need to find a place where you can train the way you would fight. Take a combat pistol training course and apply the elements to your training and practice. Your skills are perishable. Keep them sharp.

Shooting on the Move!

Training simulators such as SIRT, Laser Ammo and UTM allow you to set up training drills you could never practice at your local shooting range. You could even set up close-range dynamic drills in your garage or basement.