SwapRig Holsters aims to eliminate the overflowing holster drawer many concealed carriers have with its unique SwapSkin system. The SwapSkin is specific to the gun being carried but is interchangeable across chassis platforms, saving gun owners space and money at only $18.75 each. The all-leather Flanker shoulder holster would be a great rig based on the SwapSkin feature alone. However, there are two other major features that set it apart from all other shoulder rigs.

Handgun Draw Angle

The Flanker’s cant (draw angle) is adjustable to hold the handgun in three different positions. The most efficient draw angle will depend on the user’s physical build.

  1. Horizontally, with the pistol grip facing forward and the muzzle aligned parallel with the floor
  2. At a 45-degree cant, which elevates the butt of the gun
  3. At a vertical position, with the muzzle pointing to the floor for the most secure carry position

Magazine Carrier

The Flanker double-stack/single-stack magazine carrier offers the same versatility as the SwapSkin holster system. The retention flaps have a series of extra snaps, allowing the system to adapt to magazines of varying lengths. Inserts are included to adapt the double-mag sized carrier to single-stack magazines. According to SwapRig, this gives users the ability to carry any magazine from single-stack .380s to double-stack .45s. You should never have to purchase another magazine pouch for the Flanker. Users can also swap out the magazine carrier for a second SwapSkin holster to carry a backup gun. The belt-securing straps also feature a range of adjustments for optimal user comfort.

The Flanker in the Field

Because of shoulder injuries, I can no longer comfortably use most shoulder rigs. I enlisted my friend Bret to put the Flanker through a carry test for me. He used the Flanker with his Glock 27 while traveling out of state.

He reported wearing the Flanker for around 30 hours, testing it under heavy and light jackets, a button-up shirt and a hoodie sweatshirt. Noting that shoulder rigs often require more adjustment than an inside-the-waistband or outside-the-waistband holster, he said it took him several tries to fine-tune it to the perfect fit.

“I carried my Glock 27 with 10+1 rounds along, plus two 15-round magazines in the carrier. This made the entire Flanker rig very well-balanced and gave me plenty of firepower should the need arise. These features would be especially important if I have an on-duty plain clothes assignment.

The draw from under the open shirt or jacket was mastered quickly during (unloaded) practice. The draw from under the hoodie took a bit more practice. In the end, the draw process from the hoodie became just as smooth as a draw from a pistol carried in an appendix holster.

The belt securing straps worked well, but I found the Flanker can be used without them. It is much lighter than other leather shoulder rigs I’ve used.”

Should You Buy the Flanker Shoulder Holster?

The Flanker proved to work for Bret as advertised. It is an ingenious design. My thanks to Bret for giving the Flanker a thorough test. The MSRP of the Flanker with one SwapSkin of your choice is $253.95. It is available in Shadow Black (tested), Coyote Tan and Chestnut Brown colors. SwapRigs offers a long list of SwapSkins that accommodate optics and flashlight/laser sights. SwapRig makes all products in the USA. And if your particular handgun isn’t on the list, SwapRig will try to accommodate your request to make a rig work for you.


SwapRig Holster: SwapRigHolsters.com