Enough is enough. The SCCY wins. We could continue to abuse the pistol, but why? We have tormented and tortured the SCCY CPX-2 quite enough. We dunked it in mud, buried it in dirt, froze it in a block of ice and threw it at a steel target, and it still kept functioning. I declare the SCCY to be reliable. I guess that with even moderate care, it would be nearly perfectly reliable.

My one complaint with the SCCY is the long trigger reset, but I’m over that now. Why am I over that? Because I finally figured out that shooting the SCCY is just like shooting a double-action revolver. Think about it. When you are shooting a double-action revolver, you have a long trigger pull that both cocks and releases the hammer. That is the same thing that happens when you fire the SCCY. Basically, the SCCY is a magazine-fed revolver with a slide. It sounds silly, but when you think about it, the comparison makes perfect sense.

If you train your way through the long trigger reset the same way you would train with a double-action revolver, you will never have any trouble. It is a solid, affordable, reliable pistol. Don’t dismiss it.

Don’t Try This at Home

The stuff we did to the SCCY was quite simply abuse. If you clean your gun after you shoot it and store it in a cool, dry place, you will have no trouble at all. You should have no need to mistreat your personal firearms in this manner. Just don’t do it. Take care of your guns, and your guns will take care of you.