A laser can be a great tool in low light and while firing from a compromised position. This little video is not here to advocate one way or another on the value proposition or the downside of shooting with a laser. Instead, we are just showing you how quickly and easily you can install a laser if you want.

I personally really like the LaserMax guide rod lasers because they provide a good general reference point for aiming, they are quick to install and easy to use, and they don’t change the dimensions of your gun. Every little bit helps in a defensive situation. And if you can do your gunsmithing at the kitchen counter, all the better.

 Quick to Install

If you can field strip your pistol, you can install the LaserMax guide rod laser module. The selection of pistols for which LaserMax makes these modules is quite impressive. If you are thinking about a laser option for your fighting handgun, take a look at LaserMax.