In the realm of everyday carry essentials, the Streamlight Wedge XT stands out as a beacon of innovation and comfort. While many flashlights claim to be designed for all-day carry (ADC), the Wedge XT not only meets but exceeds this goal, providing a level of comfort that sets it apart from the rest.

About the Wedge XT Flashlight

Building upon the success of its predecessor, the original Streamlight Wedge, the Wedge XT adopts a design reminiscent of a surfboard, ensuring optimal pocket comfort. However, the new XT flashlight is 1 ¼ inches shorter than the original Wedge.

The Streamlight Wedge XT weighs in at a mere 2.62 ounces. The XT’s overall length is 4.25 inches. At 1 inch wide and .6 inches thick, the Wedge is much more comfortable for pocket carry than any rechargeable cylindrical light of the same length. And its light weight is distributed across a wider surface.

The XT’s case is machined from aluminum alloy and coated with a Type II Mil-Spec smudge-resistant anodized finish that provides a gentle gripping surface. Color choices are black or coyote, which is more of a deep bronze than tan.

Powering the Wedge XT is a 950 mAh lithium polymer cell with an on-board safety circuit. The water-resistant USB-C charging port is accompanied by a red/green LED charging light for convenience. The tail-cap switch features constant-on operation and a five-tap power lockout feature, ensuring the flashlight is ready when needed.

The Wedge XT will survive a quick in/out immersion of up to 1 meter of water with its IPX-7 water resistance and it’s been 1-meter impact resistance tested.

Light Output and Run Time

Streamlight’s “TEN-TAP” programmable switch allows users to select one of two different programs: high/low, which is the factory default, or low/high. The high setting features a two-hour run time at 500 lumens, with 1,900 candela peak beam intensity and an 87-meter beam distance. Its low setting of 50 lumens with 200 candela peak beam intensity and a 28-meter beam distance will run for up to 11 hours.

Field Testing

While not designed as a tactical light, the Streamlight Wedge excels in its intended purpose of being an everyday or all-day carry light. Near the XT’s tailcap is a “deep carry” pocket clip that can be removed though not reversed. A short lanyard with a plastic tab is attached to the clip to facilitate quick and easy removal from the user’s pocket.

The Wedge XT is a joy to carry, whether carried loose in the pocket or clipped. Its anodized finish proves tough and resilient, even when sharing pocket space with other items like spare magazines. I left the switch set to the factory default of high/low. The 500-lumen LED output and wide floodlight created very little “splashback.”

Operation is user-friendly, with the ability to adjust brightness levels and switch between “momentary mode” and “constant mode” effortlessly. The XT’s performance shines in real-world scenarios, as witnessed during a backyard cookout and campfire, where even a former Special Forces operator was impressed by its brightness and coverage area.

Buying the Streamlight Wedge XT Flashlight

In a world cluttered with subpar smartphone flashlights, the Streamlight Wedge XT emerges as a true utility light with genuine functionality. Priced at $97.19 from Optics Planet and backed by a limited lifetime warranty, it’s an investment in reliability and convenience. Say goodbye to mediocre illumination and embrace the brilliance of the Streamlight Wedge XT – your ultimate everyday carry companion.