Streamlight, the premier company in portable, battery-powered lighting, introduced a new tactical handheld flashlight at the 2023 NRA Convention. This latest addition to the ProTac lineup, the ProTac 2.0, combines the very best features of Streamlight’s handheld tactical lights into one versatile and very bright package.

About the ProTac 2.0

The ProTac 2.0’s most significant feature is its increased lumen output, which is twice that of the 1,000-lumen ProTac HPL USB and the ProTac HL 3. On its high setting, the ProTac 2.0 puts out an astonishing 2,000 lumens of rechargeable lighting power. Just 23 years ago, the highest-powered handheld tactical light was the SureFire M3 Combat Light, which put out 225 lumens with an incandescent bulb.

The 6.1-inch ProTac beam has a diffuse central corona surrounded by a less intense illumination area, which helps completely illuminate interior rooms. There is a medium illumination setting of 570 lumens and a low setting of 100 lumens for use in more confined spaces like vehicle interiors. The operating switch is located on the tailcap, which is perfect for a light of this size and weight — 8.25 ounces. A secondary switch on the ProTac 2.0’s main body is not needed.

The operating switch also features Streamlight’s Ten-Tap programming system. Ten-Tap allows the user to easily adjust the ProTac 2.0’s operating settings to the mode that best fits his or her needs. One of three different modes may be selected: high only, low/medium/high or high/strobe/low— which is the factory default. I left mine set as it came, which works best for my uses.

Strobe is a useful setting for self-defense. After identifying a threat with the high setting, the switch can be tapped and locked in at strobe. A more practical option in emergencies for the third setting, though, would’ve been high/medium/low rather than low/medium/high.

Charging Options

The ProTac 2.0 is powered by a single Streamlight proprietary SL-B50 Li-Ion USB rechargeable battery. This battery has an onboard safety control to prevent overheating. However, I still advise that any lithium battery be unplugged as soon as charging is finished.

A nice feature of this Streamlight tactical flashlight is the possibility to charge the battery two ways. You can either slide the sleeve down from the lamp head to expose the port that connects to the battery or remove the battery entirely and plug it in directly.

Additional Tactical Light Features

The ProTac 2.0 is made of 6000-series machined aircraft aluminum and covered in a Type II MIL-Spec black anodized finish. The lens features an anti-reflective coating and is sealed with a gasket. There are pre-drilled holes in the crenelated tail cap for a lanyard attachment. It also creates an effective defensive striking edge in a physical confrontation. A removable pocket clip is included. The face cap is ribbed for heat dispersion, with three flats machined in to create an anti-roll surface.

Assuming a fully charged battery, the run times are as follows:

Light Output Setting Run Time
2000 lumens 2 hours, 30 minutes
570 lumens 4 hours, 30 minutes
100 lumens 25 hours
Strobe 4 hours, 25 minutes

Beam throw at 2,000 lumens is 262 meters. For checking large outdoor areas such as farms, ranches or remote areas, the ProTac 2.0 is hard to beat, especially considering its light weight. You’re unlikely to encounter a need for a higher-output lamp. Its highest level of output also sets up a literal curtain of light, capable of disrupting the illegal efforts of others.

Should You Buy the ProTac 2.0?

The Streamlight ProTac 2.0 represents another leap forward in the evolution of handheld tactical/utility handheld lights and continues the Streamlight penchant for solid innovation that works. It is available online for approximately $115.