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Streamlight Dualie Waypoint Emergency Preparedness Spotlight

Most people who have taken the time and effort to get a concealed carry permit have done so because of a desire for preparedness. They wish to make sure that they are ready to deal with felonious criminal threats to themselves and those they love. By doing so, they have set themselves apart from the majority of law-abiding citizens who go about their daily lives HOPING they won’t become crime victims.

But preparedness goes farther than simply having a firearm and support gear because preparing for criminal assault alone is not enough — especially these days.

We are living in the most disturbing times I have ever witnessed. The last time our nation was fully unified was in the aftermath of 9/11. Do you remember what it was like back then? We were of one mind and purpose, but unfortunately it didn’t last.

Today’s individuals and families must be prepared for emergency events caused by lack of unity, by societal upheaval and by the emergence of terrorist groups. No doubt any attacks by such groups would cause disruption of power services and perhaps even food and fuel delivery.

While many have planned for such eventualities occurring at home by stocking up on food supplies, firearms and maybe an emergency generator, critical items are often left behind on family vacations. After all, we want to “get away from it all” when we travel for pleasure and recreation.

Yes, I know you can’t haul the family generator with you on a family trip unless you drive something like a Ford F-250 pickup, but you can pack certain items to help deal with disruptions caused by man-made or natural events. The Streamlight Dualie Waypoint Spotlight is an excellent companion to help a family deal with a power outage or other emergency while away from home.

While the remote area of Michigan where I take my family each year is not as likely to suffer from a man-caused disruption as other parts of the state, outages caused by weather conditions are a distinct possibility. In fact, the week after we returned home, there were widespread power outages in Northern Michigan because of a major storm that had passed by, which explains why many cottages in the area were equipped with Generac-type automatic generator systems. Even though we missed those outages, the Dualie Waypoint came in handy on a daily basis.

The Dualie Waypoint is not a “dual fuel” spotlight. Rather, it provides dual lighting options that are powered by four alkaline C-cell batteries, and the options are impressive indeed.

The Dualie Waypoint is a compact spotlight with a multi-purpose carry handle and switching system and two LED light sources. The first light source is the 750-lumen spotlight. I was very impressed with this portion of the light since I am not aware of other LED lights that put out this many lumens via a C-cell battery source. When I was a kid, my dad had an emergency incandescent spotlight powered by a single large six-volt lantern battery. I always thought this light was incredibly powerful, but it was NOTHING compared to the output of the Dualie Waypoint beam. While the spotlight has a long-range, narrowly focused beam, there is enough of a flood effect from it to illuminate the periphery at close range. There are three output levels for the spotlight: 750 lumens on high (with a 3.5-hour run time), 500 lumens on medium (with a 6-hour run time) and 35 lumens on low (with a 125-hour run time).

On the underside of the Dualie Waypoint is the LED floodlight, which Streamlight actually refers to as the “Sidelight.” I was amazed at how something as small as that LED could provide such powerful illumination. The Sidelight’s output is 500 lumens on high (with a 5-hour run time), 230 lumens on medium (with a 12.5-hour run time) and 25 lumens on low (with a 170-hour run time). Both light sources provide exceptional performance.

In addition, both light sources can operate at the same time, producing an increased total output of 1000 lumens on high (with a 3-hour run time), 600 lumens on medium (with a 6-hour run time) and 75 lumens on low (with a 55-hour run time).

The light settings are controlled via two switches on the U-shaped carry handle. The top switch controls the off/on, momentary-on and power-level settings. Below it is the selector switch, which allows the user to select “Flood-Both-Spotlight” settings.

While the light settings are very versatile, so are the positions in which the Dualie Waypoint can be used. The first position of course is hand-held carry (handle operation). The carry handle can be hung over the top of the door, with the floodlight activated to illuminate a room. At the base of the carry handle — where it joins the light — is a handy hanging hook that folds out of the way when not in use. On the bottom of the light is a chromed support stand, which can lock out of the way or be used to support the Dualie Waypoint in a stationary position on a table, floor or other flat surface.

The Dualie Waypoint currently comes in a yellow/black configuration only. No need to go all tactical here with solid black since it isn’t a tactical light. And since the Dualie Waypoint floats, the bright yellow color makes it easier to find if it is knocked into the water. This was an important aspect to me, considering that our vacation was a lakeside one.

The Dualie Waypoint was a welcome addition to our vacation trip. The flood setting came in handy in the under-luminated kitchen of our rental cottage. If you decide to purchase one, I recommend that you slip a piece of rubber tubing over the base of the support stand to help keep it from sliding on smooth surfaces.

The Dualie Waypoint is currently available through Optics Planet for $60.99. It is an outstanding utility light for home, car, boat or RV. Backed up with additional C-cells, it will continue to be part of our emergency travel security.

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