At more than 100 years old, the 1911 pistol remains the most remarkable handgun design in the world of firearms. And with more variations introduced regularly, the 1911 is doing more than “holding its own.” Springfield Armory continues to lead the industry with the Emissary 1911 as an exemplary model, showcasing the innovation and quality for which Springfield is known.

Previous Models of the Springfield Emissary

In August of last year, I tested a 5-inch Emissary in .45 ACP. The original Emissary is a visually striking two-tone design, reminiscent of the Pachmayr “Combat Special” Colt 1911 from the 1970s and 1980s. These limited-production pistols with hard-chromed frames and blued steel slides were made famous by gunmen like Jeff Cooper.

The first series of Emissaries emulated the Pachmayr Combat look with a dull-finished, forged stainless-steel frame and a forged carbon steel blued steel slide. The result is a 1911 pistol enhanced for the 21st century with a retro appearance. There were two ACP models available — a standard 5-inch or a more compact model with a 4.25-inch bull barrel — and two similarly configured 9mms.

Cerakote Upgrades: Enhancing Durability and Appearance

Bluing, an old process of covering carbon steel with a beneficial form of rust, is not rust-proof. The primary benefit of bluing is an enhanced appearance … which brings premium prices. Blued firearms also require a light coating of oil on all surfaces to keep rust at bay. My first law enforcement duty handgun, a deeply blued Smith and Wesson Model 19 .357 Magnum/.38 Special revolver, served well with regular care. The additional handling and dry-firing as part of the regular maintenance was an additional benefit.

Stainless steel is also not rustproof and requires additional attention, though not as much as blued steel. For those seeking a low-maintenance option, Springfield Armory offers Emissaries with all-black Cerakote finishes. Cerakote, a blend of ceramic and polymer, provides superior protection against abrasions and rust while enhancing the firearm’s appearance.

The Black Emissary Series introduces a modern twist to the classic 1911 design with its all-black Cerakote finish. I requested a 5-inch Black Emissary in 45 ACP to test the new Springfield lineup. Aside from the Cerakote finish, which I initially mistook for a nitride finish, this model has all the same features as the original.

Springfield Armory Black Emissary Specifications

Caliber: .45 ACP (tested), 9mm also available
Slide: Forged trapezoidal carbon steel-black Cerakote finish/wide-angled, rear-grasping groves
Frame: Forged stainless steel-black Cerakote finish/Picatinny accessory rail
Recoil system: One-piece, full-length guide rod
Barrel: 5-inch forged stainless steel/nitride finished, match grade, bull
Weight: 43 ounces
Grips: VZ Grips Thin Line G10 (grenade style checkering on grips, frontstrap and flat backstrap) black torx grip screws
Overall length: 8.4 inches
Height: 5.25 inches
Sights: Tritium/luminescent front/U-notch white outline rear/drift adjustable windage
Magazines: Two 8-round Mec-Gar magazines with slam pads included
Grip safety: Beavertail with memory bump
Thumb safety: Extended left-side
Trigger: Flat face/curve at top and bottom/pull weight 4.1 pounds/flat-front trigger guard
Slide release: Standard style
Hammer: Skeletonized oval
MSRP: $1,378

Range Testing the Emissary 1911

The Black Emissary Series is a serious pistol with a decidedly futuristic look thanks to the trapezoidal slide and unique flat-front trigger guard. This really sets it apart from other designs. The narrow thin grips are comfortable in the hand when firing, and the large size of the grenade checkering pattern keeps it from being uncomfortable.

The Emissary came well-lubricated from the factory. I tested it at a friend’s range, firing SIG Sauer 230-grain FMJ ammunition with a muzzle velocity of 830 feet per second, which delivers 352 foot-pounds of energy. Standing at 30 feet with a two-handed grip, my shooting partner managed a 3-inch, eight-shot group. Of course, functioning was flawless.

I was particularly interested in testing Liberty Ammunition’s .45 ACP Overwatch load in a full-sized all-steel 1911. This load, with its impressive hollow-point design in a solid copper/alloy jacketed slug, offers deep penetration and massive fragmentation upon impact. The Overwatch load’s 105-grain bullet achieves a muzzle velocity of 1,600 feet per second, delivering 597 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle. I originally tested it in December 2023 using my aluminum-framed Remington R1 Executive Ultralight Compact .45. It was comfortable enough to shoot from this lightweight gun, but I wanted to see how it felt fired from an all-steel full-sized 1911.

I loaded eight rounds of Liberty Ammunition and posted a Springfield Armory “splatter shot” sight-in target at 25 feet. Springfields U-notch white outline rear sight and Tritium luminescent front sight make a great combination in terms of rapid acquisition and sharp contrast. My eight-shot group measured 2.5 inches with the massive hollow-points cutting very sharp, cookie-cutter holes in the target. Recoil was light, but the blast — loud yet reasonable — indicated the power of the 45 ACP Overwatch.

The Springfield Emissary 1911: A Versatile and Reliable Choice

The Springfield Emissary is a versatile line of 1911s suitable for combat, target shooting or home defense. Its all-steel frame mitigates felt recoil and makes for nice handling. And the .45 ACP magazine holds only one round less than the 9mm models.

With an upfront light and a set of Crimson Trace Lasergrips or Hogue Laser Enhanced grips mounted in place, the Emissary becomes an even more capable street or home defender. While the original Emissary is impressive, the Black models offer an added level of durability.

The Springfield Emissary 1911 is a testament to Springfield Armory’s commitment to quality and innovation. With its blend of classic design and modern enhancements, it stands out as a top-tier handgun. For those considering a new 1911, the Springfield Emissary offers a compelling combination of style, durability, and functionality. Its diverse range of models ensures that there is an Emissary to suit every preference and need.


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