Your folding knife may be your everyday companion, the one tool you always have with you, but it’s about to make a new friend. Meet the Böker Cop-Tool. It’s been around a while, but in case you haven’t met, this is the tool you use on all the jobs for which you hesitated to use your folding knife. Think back to folding knives of past days. Ever broke the tip off one? Cut through something so tough it rendered the blade virtually unusable until its next sharpening? Scraped or chiseled something and immediately wished you had an actual chisel? That’s where the Böker Cop-Tool comes in. When your folding knife is faced with a daunting challenge, the Böker Cop-Tool steps in and says, “I got this.”

Retailing for $88.95, the Böker Cop-Tool is a lever, chisel, belt cutter, scraper and multi-functional knife all at once. It’s a full-tang tool made from 440C stainless steel with textured G10 handles. In your hand, it provides a curved opening for your index finger and a place to rest your thumb. This provides maximum leverage when using the belt cutter and blade. Turn it flat in your hand, and rest your thumb in the depression in the blade for maximum leverage when using as a lever, chisel or scraper.

Overall length is 6 inches, and the blade is 1.8 inches. That means most of the tool resides in your hand when you’re holding it. The blade measures 0.2 inches thick, and overall weight is 4.2 ounces. So this is a substantial and robust yet easily deployable and maneuverable tool that’ll gladly take on everything you’d rather not put your folding knife through. The Böker Cop-Tool comes with a leather holster equipped with a strong steel clip. A Kydex sheath is available too. With the leather holster, I like carrying it IWB at 4 o’clock.

A word about functionality: The serrated blade will cut through just about anything. One strong stroke took care of a battery cable. The chisel on the end is sharp, so be careful, but enjoy its usefulness and the leverage you can get out of the handle. It’ll probably serve as a pry bar more than a chisel. The belt cutter will make short work of a seatbelt strap; just be mindful of the blade’s travel. Need to punch out a window? Use the pommel on the end of the Cop-Tool (while wearing protective gear, of course). The pommel hides under the loops of the lanyard that hangs off the end of the tool.

Granted, your folding knife may be able to do many of these things. But now, it doesn’t have to.

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