When legendary military forces such as the U.S. Navy SEALs choose firearms and gear, civilians take notice. After all, is there a better endorsement for a sidearm than being able to handle the worst combat? That is the allure of owning a SIG Sauer P226 MK25 9mm pistol.

The original military MK25 was accepted by the U.S. Navy for SEAL use in the mid-1980s. The commercial MK25 as currently offered, are standard P226s with the official MK25 designation. They are marked as such on the left side of the frame in the current military-type QR code box. A Naval Special Warfare white anchor is etched on the left side of the slide to the right of the P226 Model designation. These markings and designation make the MK25 a somewhat “commemorative” version of the standard 9mm P226. However, the original SEAL P226s did not have a Picatinny rail on the receivers.

*As a disclaimer, you should know the SEALs no longer use the P226 MK25 as a primary sidearm. Then again, the U.S. Military doesn’t use the 1911 as a primary sidearm either. That fact doesn’t detract from the greatness of the MK25 edition P226 or 1911 pistols.

MK25 Technical Details

The MK25 is a full-sized combat pistol, featuring the same double-action/single-action (DA/SA) trigger decocking action as the standard P226 and other SIG pistols of the same basic design. Once loaded, the first shot is fired using a long DA trigger pull. The pull weighs in at 10 pounds, 8 ounces according to my Wheeler Engineering Trigger Gauge.

Once the first shot is fired, the slide cycles automatically and cocks the external hammer, moving it to the single-actionA single-action (SA) trigger is the earliest and mechanically simplest of trigger types. Single-action means pulling the trigger does one action: releases the hammer or the striker. firing position. Single-action weighs in at a greatly reduced 3 pounds, 14 ounces. The MK25 will continue to fire in single-action until empty or until the user presses the decocking lever located on the left side of the receiver above the magazine release. The SIG decocking levers do not additionally function as manual safeties like the Beretta 92 or Walther PPK decocking levers do. The long trigger pull of the first shot acts as the safety feature for SIG pistols of this type. Never carry DA/SA SIG pistols with the external hammer cocked.

MK25 Specifications

Caliber 9mm Luger
Magazine capacity        10 or 15 rounds
Barrel length/material/finish    4.4 inches/carbon steel/Nitron
Frame material/finish   Alloy/hard-coat anodized
Slide material/finish     Stainless steel/Nitron
Grips    Polymer
Weight 34 ounces
Sights   SIGLITE 3-Dot Tritium
Price    $999.99

SIG Sauer P226 MK25 at the Range

The MK25 is a great shooting pistol. Its 34-ounce weight soaks up the already reasonable 9mm recoil. By way of comparison, the SIG M18 Commemorative pistol with a 3.9-inch barrel weighs in at a much lighter 28 ounces. The extra weight of the MK25 allows one to easily handle the recoil of any standard pressure or +P +P and +P+ are designators identifying ammunition as carrying a higher internal pressure than is standard for ammunition of its caliber. loading.

The P226 grip shape is marvelous. Like the 1911, it was designed properly from the get-go to fit a wide variety of hands. There isn’t any need for an elaborate system of interchangeable backstraps to get the right feel. The fixed SIGLITE three-dot tritium sights are easy to pick up both day and night.

We test-fired the MK25 using SIG Sauer’s powerhouse M17 +P NATO Spec FMJFull Metal Jacket (FMJ) bullets are bullets that have no exposed lead on the nose or sides and do not deform as dramatically as hollow-point or bare-lead bullets. ammunition. The MK25 handled the M17 ammo like a champ. Rounds struck directly to the point of aim at 30 feet, clustering into 3-inch groups and less. We always fired the first shot DA­.

The SIG Sauer P226 MK25 was a delight to shoot. While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of modern guns, it’s battle-tested and will do everything you can ask of it and more. It’s great for concealed carry, home defense, the trail and recreational shooting.

In case you were curious, I found the MK25 and a standard P226 with SIGLITE sights were both the same price: $999.99. I say, go big or go home and get the MK25! Don’t modify it. Keep it original and honor the men who carried it every time you holster or shoot it.


SIG Sauer: SIGSauer.com