If you like all the good things about Glock pistols but want to make your Glock pistol even better, check out Lone Wolf Distributors. It has everything you need to make your Glock truly custom.

The gun I built with Lone Wolf is called the “Grey Man” pistol. It is basically an upgraded Glock 19 with a bunch of cool internal components. It has a better trigger, better striker, better slide release, better barrel, better guide rod and a really cool slide and night sights. Most of the upgrades are internal because this gun was not meant to be flashy; it was meant to perform at the highest level when needed.

I call it the “Grey Man” because it blends in but has special attributes that stay hidden until needed. Google the term “grey man principle,” and you will see what it means. You can find the complete Grey Man pistol at this link to the Lone Wolf store. If you want, you can also buy all the components and install them in your current Glock 19 frame. Either way, you get a great semi-custom gun. It’s like a Glock — only better.

The following section comes from the Lone Wolf Distributors website and lists the Grey Man pistol specifications:

  • AlphaWolf stainless steel slide, custom “Grey Man” configured
  • Ameriglo Classic Green/Yellow night sights
  • Lone Wolf G19 standard length barrel with custom flush cut crown
  • Enhanced Lone Wolf slide internals
  • Lightweight firing pin kit, including Maritime Spring Cups and mid-weight firing pin spring
  • Tungsten guide rod assembly
  • Glock OEM Generation 3 G19 frame
  • Lone Wolf Gen3 Compact Frame Completion Kit
  • Enhanced trigger, including 721 Classic connector and 6# trigger spring
  • Lone Wolf Ultimate Trigger Housing, including overtravel adjustment screw
  • Lone Wolf extended control levers
  • Lone Wolf extended magazine catch

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