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LaserTRAIN: Safely Practice Shooting at Home


The USCCA launched a new curriculum this year that allows users to train from the comfort of their own homes. The safe, effective and innovative LaserTRAIN program benefits shooters of all skill levels.

The USCCA developed LaserTRAIN with the help of Mike Hughes. Hughes is an accomplished firearms instructor and the inventor of the Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) pistol. The SIRT pistol is the primary tool used in LaserTRAIN. One can practice many of the skills and fundamentals in the course by dry-firing a real firearm. But a SIRT offers several advantages for at-home training.

Advantages of LaserTRAIN With SIRT

A SIRT pistol makes an excellent training tool because of its two primary features: a resetting trigger and dual lasers. The resetting trigger mimics the feel of a trigger on a real firearm. You can “shoot” and reset the trigger without having to manually rack the slide or cock a hammer. This allows you to make multiple shots without breaking your grip or losing your sight picture. This is a serious advantage over dry-fire practice with single-action handguns or striker-fired handguns that aren’t second-strike capable (which are most striker-fired handguns).

The dual indicating lasers provide the shooter with a lot of information — more than bullet holes in paper would provide on their own. There is a take-up laser that engages when the shooter takes the initial slack out of the trigger. The second laser lights up when the user presses the trigger past the break point and “shoots.” The lasers allow you to see whether you are keeping the handgun on target throughout the trigger press.

If the beam appears on the target as a streak or a dash of light, the user knows that he or she is inadvertently jerking or heeling the gun. This information tells the shooter exactly what he or she is doing incorrectly. You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken. The SIRT shows you your weaknesses so that you can train to remedy them.

What Does LaserTRAIN include?

The eLearning contains a wealth of videos, pictures and lessons. The videos feature Mike Hughes, who guides the learner through shooting fundamentals, self-diagnosis and more advanced skills. Each lesson will help prepare you in the event you should have to protect yourself or your loved ones.

The curriculum of LaserTRAIN guides novice and advanced shooters through multiple drills and techniques. Topics include trigger control, grip, natural point of aim, shooting platform (stance) and drawing. Some in-person courses shy away from teaching how to draw a gun because of the additional safety concerns that arise when using a live firearm. However, a SIRT makes it easy to practice holster work safely.

There are two levels of eLearning available. For those looking to improve shooting abilities, there is the end-user unit (which launched at the 2020 SHOT Show). It goes over the fundamentals and focuses on high-volume, self-diagnostic training. A program for USCCA Certified Instructors will be released at this year’s Expo in Kansas City. The Instructor level will give firearms educators the tools they need to implement successful SIRT-based dry-fire classes, providing an excellent supplement to live-fire and classroom-based courses.

LaserTRAIN is ideal for those shooters looking to significantly improve their firearms-based skills from the comfort of their own homes. The best part? You can get started right away.

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