A Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger or SIRT pistol is a useful training tool in improving defensive shooting and marksmanship. Invented by Mike Hughes, the SIRT pistol mimics the shape, size, feel and weight of a real firearm. (Hughes is the owner of NextLevel Training and an accomplished firearms instructor and competitor.)

How Does the SIRT Work?

“Shot Indicating” refers to the laser that shows where a round would impact on the target if the SIRT pistol were a real firearm. When the trigger is pulled fully to the rear, the laser illuminates for as long as the user holds the trigger back. “Resetting Trigger” is the ability of the trigger to be repeatedly prepped, shot and reset. This is an advantage over dry-firing with most semi-autos because you don’t have to cycle an action for every trigger pull.

A SIRT pistol is a useful at-home simulation training tool because you can practice factors such as trigger control, grip and follow-up shots. It is also helpful for practicing skills that might not be allowed at the range, such as shooting from the ground (simulating that you fell down or were immobilized) or shooting in and around a vehicle. Additionally, you don’t
need to get in your
car, drive to the range, pay a range fee and buy a bunch of ammo. Who doesn’t like
saving time
and money?

Using a SIRT Pistol

There are a few different models of SIRT pistol available. One model mimics the grip angle (110 degrees) and feeling of a Glock, and one is similar to a Smith & Wesson M&P (107-degree grip angle). Another model approximates micro-compact pistols such as the S&W Shield, Glock 43 or Sig P365.

Hughes does note that practicing with a SIRT pistol is a supplement to live-fire training, not a replacement. Certain aspects of live-fire training — like felt recoil, slide lock and noise — are not replicated by the SIRT pistol.

Whenever you use a SIRT pistol, you should still follow firearm safety rules. In this way, you continue to ingrain safety practices into your training. It also prevents tragedies should you happen to accidentally grab a real gun. For example, if you have a target hanging on a wall, do you know what is beyond that wall? Could that wall stop a live round?

Continual Practice and Training

Responsibly protecting ourselves and our loved ones demands constant work and improvement. The SIRT pistol provides protectors with a means to hone their bodies and minds daily.

Have you integrated a SIRT pistol into your training regimen? What ways of using a SIRT pistol could you think of to further develop your defensive competency? Sound off in the comments.