Have You Purchased Your Tickets for ‘The Reliant’?


We here at the USCCA are beyond excited about the upcoming world premiere of the pro-2A, faith-based thriller, The Reliant. The American public only has one chance to catch this rare gem on the big screen. It is debuting as a one-day release in select theaters across the nation on Thursday, Oct. 24, so get your tickets while you can!

The Reliant, starring Kevin Sorbo, clocks in at 2:20 and was directed and co-produced by USCCA Member Paul Munger. Munger financed this movie in part through grassroots crowdsourcing, including generous donations from fellow USCCA Members. It stands to reason that those who helped fund the movie share Munger’s desire to see fresh pro-Christian, pro-Second Amendment content on the big screen.

In the past, we’ve covered Hollywood’s hypocritical love-hate relationship with firearms, so it is refreshing to see a filmmaker who walks the pro-gun walk.

Synopsis of The Reliant Movie

The story of The Reliant unfolds in a sleepy Ohio town on the eve of a sudden international financial collapse. Riots consume the city in the aftermath, pitting neighbors against one another. Father-of-five, Rick (played by Sorbo), must shepherd his family and protect them from the chaos. See how they learn, bond and grow, forged in the fire of societal breakdown.

The riveting tale, based on a popular novel by Dr. Patrick Johnston, raises poignant questions about faith overcoming fear when all else seems lost. To survive, the characters must learn to rely on each other as they trust that the Lord will deliver them from turmoil. It is a story of love, faith, adaptation and responsibility.

The USCCA Supports The Reliant

Our company so believes in the movie’s pro-2A message that founder Tim Schmidt put his money where his mouth is, providing generous donations of time, materials and funding to make The Reliant happen. In fact, observant viewers can catch a glimpse of Tim’s cameo in the movie’s thrilling trailer.

So gather your friends, your family and your gun club to catch this once-in-a-lifetime glimpse of Hollywood history. Tickets are on sale now for the one-day event on Oct. 24!

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