From the outside looking in, Hollywood may seem like a magical, gilded fantasyland, but it’s more of a disastrous disconnect from reality … on many levels. The “us” versus “them” mentality is very evident. Besides the large sums of money, larger egos, extravagant lifestyles and equally excessive demands, unless you regularly live out various alter egos on the small or big screen, you’re not in the club. And even though celebrities jump at opportunities to feign sincerity about those who are less fortunate than them, you don’t really matter — so much so that apparently even the natural right to protection and self-preservation only applies to them.

Just consider the mixed messages the elite send us about firearms. While many Hollywood stars live in gated communities and travel with armed security, a large majority of Tinseltown avidly calls for supporting gun control and imposing stricter gun laws. The hypocrisy is abundant. Just recently, many opportunistic celebs wore orange American-flag pins to the 2018 Academy Awards to promote gun control … while surrounded by a wall of more than 500 armed police officers (along with hundreds of armed private bodyguards) so they could feel safe while making their anti-gun statements. How noble.

Playing Pretend

Many of the currently entitled, the wannabes and even the has-beens have been calling for gun control and speaking out against gun ownership, all the while making movies and shows with characters who use guns. And even though actors, directors, producers and countless others profit from violent themes and firearms use (usually sloppy, irresponsible or incorrect use, I might add), they continue to tell us “regular” folks that guns are not OK.

Here are a few statements from some of the more well-known voices, all of whom have been well-compensated to wield guns as part of their jobs:

  • “I’m for gun control. I’m a peace-loving guy,” said Arnold Schwarzenegger while he was running for governor of California in 2003.
  • According to Liam Neeson, “It is the right to bear arms which is the problem. I think if the Founding Fathers knew what was happening, they would be turning in their graves with embarrassment at how that law has been interpreted.”
  • “Anyone who would run out to buy an assault rifle after the Newtown massacre has very little left in their body or soul worth protecting,” commented actor Jim Carrey following the 2012 Connecticut school murders.
  • Sally Field tweeted, “The NRA and the GOP are complicit in every one of these horrifying shootings. They are holding this nation hostage.”
  • Jeffrey Wright added, “Start to talk abolishing the Second Amendment entirely, then maybe the gun fetishizers will want to compromise.”

All or Nothing

The all-important fact that this restrictive Hollywood mindset doesn’t care to recognize, however, is that it’s not a “guns for me but not for thee” kind of situation. The Second Amendment is meant for ALL Americans, and it protects our right to defend ourselves and the ones we love (or to hire bodyguards to do the job, I suppose).

I realize that, thankfully, not everyone in the entertainment industry is against responsible firearms ownership and usage. But it’s apparent that many of the Hollywood elite will support the right to have firearms in movies to protect their bank accounts but will not support the right to have firearms in our homes to protect our lives.