In this edition of the USCCA’s Gun Vault, Concealed Carry Magazine Executive Editor Kevin Michalowski reviews and shoots the NAA Guardian.

NAA Guardian: An Overview

This tiny pocket pistol from North American Arms is chambered in .32 NAA, which is basically a .380 cartridge necked-down to a .32. As the NAA slogan goes, “It’s the gun you carry when you can’t carry a gun.”

Because of its size, the NAA Guardian slips easily into a pocket (in a holster, of course!), where it sits undetected until you need it. Kevin calls the little pistol a “get off me” gun, noting its rudimentary sights, and suggests it’s most effective within 5 yards.

Remember, the goal of any self-defense incident is to cause enough dysfunction in your attacker to ensure your own escape. This little North American Arms Guardian can help you do just that.

NAA Guardian Specifications

Let’s take a quick look at some of the NAA Guardian’s specifications.

Model: Guardian
Caliber: .32 NAA
Capacity: 6+1
Weight: 20 ounces (unloaded)
Width: Less than 1 inch (with standard polymer grips)

How Does the NAA Guardian Perform at the Range?

So, how does such a tiny pistol perform as a concealed carry gun? Remember, in a self-defense situation, accuracy is negotiable, but reliability is not.

Kevin loaded up the NAA Guardian’s magazine with six rounds of .32 NAA ammo and managed to land five shots on a steel silhouette target downrange.

Kevin explains that because the gun is so small, one of its downfalls is that it doesn’t have the last-round hold-open on the slide. He emphasizes again that the gun has rudimentary sights, meaning the user is basically index or point-shooting at very close range.

Still, six rounds of 60-grain ammo going 1,200 feet per second is “good enough” for Kevin.

Bottom Line: The NAA Guardian Is Easily Concealed and Can Help You Stop a Threat

Kevin says that no bad guy in the world is going to stop you and ask you what caliber you’re shooting at him. The .32 NAA pistol is easily concealed and can help you stop a threat.

The NAA Guardian is really well-made. The slide-to-frame fit is nice and smooth with tight lock-up. The gun offers nice heft and pretty quick reloads. You can find the NAA Guardian for $450 or less.


North American Arms: