The Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show is often an ideal place to see, try and test out new products. One of those new innovations actually caught my eye months before this year’s show, and that was the ZØRE X Core, an innovative, cartridge-shaped lock that provides both firearms safety and quick access. According to the ZØRE X website, its mission is to provide “the perfect storage solution that would combine the security of safes and locks, but also keep your guns accessible at a moment’s notice.”

Needless to say, I was most intrigued by this amazing little gadget. I had never seen anything quite like it. With three children and lots of little visitors in our home, I am definitely interested in effective methods and devices for locking, staging and storing guns, especially since my husband and I choose to own firearms for personal and home protection. And who would not be a fan of going from safe and locked to loaded and ready in just moments? A gun lock that offers security and accessibility almost seemed a bit too good to be true.  So I tried the ZØRE X Core myself, first at SHOT Show and then in my home.

The ZØRE X Core was very easy to set up. It took about five minutes to set my own code on the electro-mechanical RAPIDial. I checked my programmed sequence of numbers a few times just to be sure it was correct. Then, I inserted the caliber-specific cartridge section into the chamber of my unloaded SIG P226, closed the slide and inserted a magazine filled with dummy rounds. The gun was now locked with no way to work the slide, no matter how hard I pushed, pulled, tugged or strained. There was not even the slightest budge or movement of the cartridge from the chamber. It took a little practice to get re-accustomed to the dial and develop some proficiency. But now, I can say that I am very comfortable and confident with the movements, and I can get through my code to unlock my gun quickly and intuitively (usually within 3 seconds).

So how does the ZØRE X Core work? When locked, the patent-pending device simply sits in the chamber without applying any pressure. But if there is any attempt to charge the gun, the locking mechanism expands to 10 times the force being applied to it. The device cannot be moved or removed, and the gun becomes locked, all without scratching or damaging the firearm. To unlock, simply turn the dial back and forth with your programmed sequence and rack the slide with a slight roll to the side for a gravity assist. The ZØRE X Core will disengage and fall out while a round is chambered. You will then be ready to fire.

If you can twist a dial and rack a slide, you can safely and effectively stage and store your firearm in a manner that is easily accessible, quick to load, and keeps unauthorized people from using it. Someone could pick it up and throw it or steal it, I suppose, but they are not going to be able to unlock the firearm to fire it. I can have my firearm in my nightstand and know that it is ready to go and that my children cannot access it. This device will not replace my traditional gun safe, but the ZØRE X Core is most definitely an effective and portable addition to the tools we use for securing firearms.

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