Do you need a gun safe?

The answer is “no” if you meet the following criteria: You don’t own a gun nor ever have one in your domicile. Or, you do own a gun, but it is always on your person or otherwise under your complete control.

Even if you live a mile north of nowhere, where no one is ever around, it is possible someone may show up. Besides, if you live in a world where a gun may be useful from time to time, that same world means a safe has its place too.

So, Do You Need a Gun Safe?

The answer, almost every time, is “yes.”

We can discuss exceptions all day long and what it means to have a gun on your person or under your control, but it’s very likely that if you have a gun, you’re going to need a place in which you can store it safely.

“Place” means some kind of container that separates your gun from the rest of the world. In other words, a simple trigger lock or cable lock — while effective to keep a gun from being fired — isn’t enough to prevent your gun from being stolen. “Store it” means you can leave it in this place and be able to walk away, knowing there’s no way to access it unless you have the right key or combination or fingerprint or other means of access. “Safely” means locked up in such a way that no unauthorized person can get a hand on it, virtually nothing can touch it, and it will sit idle until you decide to bring it out.

Can’t Argue Against Safes

Arguments against a gun safe include the fact that such a safe usually means guns are present. It’s logical: A gun safe is meant for storing guns. So, risk/reward: Is the possibility of others knowing you own a gun safe and guns worth the security offered by having a safe?

Another argument against a gun safe is that if you need to access a gun in the safe, it may take too long to get to it. Well, this too is a risk/reward scenario. Is the risk of needing an extra few seconds to access a gun worth the reward of more secure storage for that gun?

Still another argument against a gun safe: It can be costly. Actually, gun safes sell at a variety of price points with features to match. If you need to store one long gun, then a properly constructed single-gun locker mounted to the studs of a wall may be enough safe for you. But if you have 20 long guns and five handguns, a sizable investment in and of itself, wouldn’t that demand a proportionate investment in protecting that gear? Also, run this argument backward: What’s the cost to you if someone steals your guns? And what if he or she uses your guns to commit a crime? Risk/reward, again.

Gun safes keep your guns safe. Whether you have one gun or 25 guns (or more), the risk likely is far outweighed by the reward.

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