The Great Equalizer! Only One Thing Levels The Playing Field: Your Pistol

Smarter people than me have pointed out that a loaded handgun is the only thing that puts a 65-year-old woman on even ground against a young thug. Without guns we are at the mercy of the young, the strong, or the many. With a gun we can fight back.

These two videos show the importance of not only having a gun, but also being willing to use it. In the first video, five young men come into the jewelry store pointing guns and demanding money. Rather than cower and hope the men will be merciful and kind, the 65-year-old storeowner picked up her own pistol and came out shooting. The resulting rush to escape would be the stuff of a slapstick film if it were not so deadly serious.

65-Year-Old Woman Chases Off Robbers

When a group of thugs picked the wrong store, they could not get out fast enough when grandma came out shooting. You can bet these guys only robbed this store because they thought it was an easy target. Don’t be an easy target. Be ready to fight!

In the second clip, a 90-year-old man faces down a thug who figured he could take what he wanted because the man was old and frail. A couple years earlier the old man had been beaten and robbed. He was ready this time.  Yes, even this event where the man drew his pistol against an “unarmed” aggressor is an appropriate use of the gun. Could the thug have caused death or great bodily harm to the old man? You bet. That alone allows for the use of deadly force in self-defense.

90-Year-Old Man Defends Himself

A strong-armed robbery is still a deadly situation and this 90-year-old business owner did what he needed to do in order to protect his life. No shots were fired and the victim remained safe. How could this have ended if the victim had been unarmed?

A gun is the tool that evens the odds. It’s the great equalizer. You need to train and you need to be willing to defend yourself. Think how different the outcomes of these events would have been if the victims had been unarmed.

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