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Gear We Love — November/December 2020


Galco Custom

Galco Custom Holster

Though Galco is widely known in the law enforcement and concealed carry worlds for its rugged, long-lasting holsters and belts, the company cleans up for a wedding pretty well too. This brown ostrich from Galco’s Custom Shop is just one example of the kind of beauty and craftsmanship you can get made for yourself or a loved one down in Arizona.

Visit for models, hides and other particulars.

MSRP: $660 as shown

PowerStrike Ammo

PowerStrike Ammo

When your and your loved ones’ safety is on the line, that isn’t the time to pinch pennies. The PowerStrike line from Allegiance Ammunition is proven in high-density environments to be effective against attackers without posing undue risk to innocents nearby, and the load for AR-pattern rifles chambered in 5.56×45 is a proven hog-killer.

Head to for demo videos and purchase information.

MSRP: $22/20 & Up

Choate Car Rescue Tool

Choate Car Rescue Tool

This simple, affordable unit is designed to help you extract yourself from a crashed vehicle. It features a seat-belt cutter that won’t allow you to accidentally harm yourself and a hardened screwdriver tip for breaking auto glass. In a pinch, it will also scrape ice off of your windshield and even perform other tasks, but only if you rig it on your seat-belt post or between your seats as described in the directions rather than out of reach in the glove box.

You can get yours at

MSRP: $19.95

GunPro Delta 1 Sights

GunPro Delta 1 Sights

For super-quick sight pictures, some find the Delta 1 design from GunPro to be superior to all others. Rather than aligning laterally like a traditional three-dot system, the Delta 1 sight picture is acquired by putting three triangles together, a technique that — as mentioned — proves to be far easier for some shooters.

They are available for Glocks, Smith & Wesson M&Ps and Novak-cut 1911s at

MSRP: $99 to $119

Matt’s Bullets .44 Special

Though most Americans who rely on the .44 Special cartridge have resigned themselves to using nothing but lead round-nose for self-defense, Matt’s Bullets had another idea.

Matt’s Bullets .44 Special

These 250-grain soft-lead hollowpoints are specifically designed for defensive use in short-barreled revolvers such as the Charter Arms Bulldog, and their deep nose cavities promote expansion (even at 775 feet per second) and increase wound potential in an attacker.

They are available at

MSRP: $44.95/50

Streamlight Macrostream

Streamlight Macrostream

This unit splits the difference between a small, easy-to-carry EDC flashlight and a serious home-defense nightstand unit. It has a high setting that delivers 500 lumens as well as a lower setting of 50, and the switching from one to the other is very simple with a basic end-cap switch.

It is USB-rechargeable and is available at

MSRP: $90

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