The CZ 2075 sub-compact pistol fits my hand better than most guns out there. And you know what I mean about “fit.” The term is quite subjective and not the greatest basis for choosing a carry gun. Besides, you can practice, practice, practice and simply get used to another gun. But when the fit is perfect, you do what you can to try to carry that gun on a regular basis. And one of the ways I keep the CZ 2075 at my side is by carrying it in this Falco Side Snap Leather Gun Holster. There are lots of snaps going on here. There’s a snap for the thumb break retention strap and two snaps for the belt loops, making this an easy-on, easy-off, safe carry solution.

Falco makes the Side Snap Leather Gun Holster out of deep, hand-molded premium leather with a lacquered finish. It is smooth and custom-fit to every gun. Not only does it look fantastic, it’s very durable too.

After you admire the leather, you’ll turn your attention to the snaps. Two snap belt loops allow you the convenience to install and remove the holster without removing your belt. The loops are a tight fit around my 1.5-inch belt, but once they’re snapped in place, they stay snapped and create a super stable platform for the gun. The other snap is on the retention strap that wraps around the back of the slide. The snap is easily broken open with a deft movement of the thumb. For the extra fraction of a second it takes to draw, you’ll appreciate the security offered by having this strap in place.

I carry the CZ 2075 in this holster at 5 o’clock. This position offers maximum concealment under a cover garment and lets me achieve a combat grip and natural draw stroke. My thumb finds the break easily, and the gun comes out with zero fuss. You can reholster one-handed as long as you’re careful to clear the retention strap and keep it out of the way. Follow all the gun safety rules, of course, when doing any of this.

This Falco holster offers an open muzzle design, and the CZ protrudes just slightly. You can order it in natural tan, mahogany, dark brown and black. The one you see here is mahogany, my favorite of all the colors. You can get it left- or right-handed. Plus, it comes with a five-year limited warranty. Retail price is $62.95.

Whether your best-fitting gun is a CZ 2075 or something else, you’ll find this Falco holster a great complement and a snap to use.

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