Have you gone to the store recently and been unable to find your usual ammo? You’re not alone. Due to the pandemic and civil unrest, there are ammunition shortages across the country. There are several factors behind the shortage. One of the reasons is all of the new shooters in 2020. The National Shooting Sports Foundation reported 5 million new firearms owners in the first seven months. Along with 5 million new shooters, many gun owners stockpiled ammo early in 2020 because of COVID-19 shutdowns.

With demand far outweighing supply and many mines having reduced operations, ammunition suppliers don’t expect to be caught up until summer 2021. But that doesn’t mean you need to stop training. We’ve compiled a list of blog posts related to training without ammunition. These cover both drills and specific tools to help you enhance your skills. You can perform these drills in the comfort of your home this winter without the need for live ammunition. Remember, training doesn’t only happen at the range.

“Range Time vs. Dry Fire … and Why?” by Kevin Michalowski

Training is not something you can do once and call it good. Skills are perishable. If you don’t use them, you will lose them. But the biggest issue most of us have is time. Most people don’t have the time to engage in ongoing training. There is also a cost factor. Ammo and good training cost money.

All of these elements conspire against us and, eventually, most of us give up and choose not to train regularly. With dry training, you can (and should) practice hundreds of perfect draws that include elements like a big step to the side to get you off the X and a verbal challenge to turn bystanders into witnesses.

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“Want to Be a Better Shooter? Grip Strength Really Helps” by Kevin Michalowski

Do you want to be a better shooter? Of course you do. We all want to be better shooters. You can take steps, such as increasing your grip strength, to improve your shooting. A stronger grip will always help your shooting. But don’t stop with hand strength. Good, strong forearms will also help you improve. Stronger forearms make for better shooting by ensuring you have a solid platform and by helping to control recoil.

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“LaserTRAIN: Safely Practice Shooting at Home” by the U.S. Concealed Carry Association

The U.S. Concealed Carry Association developed a curriculum called LaserTRAIN in collaboration with Mike Hughes. Hughes is an accomplished firearms instructor and the inventor of the SIRT pistol, the primary tool used in LaserTRAIN. The program benefits shooters of all skill levels and allows users to train from the comfort of their own homes. The SIRT Model 110 reflects the Glock 17 or 22, while the Model 107 has the functional features of the Smith & Wesson M&P.

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“A Tabletop Mozambique Dry-Fire Drill” by Kevin Michalowski

Many of us feel like we can never get enough practice with our defensive firearms, but we can conduct valuable training right in our own homes using Laser Ammo and a set of SureStrike Dry-Fire Training Cards. Using a couple of elements from Laser Ammo, we built a timed Mozambique drill to run right on the kitchen counter.

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“Train With the SIG AIR M17” by Kevin Michalowski

Would you like to train more and save money? Have you tried airsoft? If you are thinking that CO2-powered air guns are “just toys,” think again. Top-quality airsoft pistols can be amazing training tools for the safe instruction of tactical movement and dynamic shooting. The new SIG AIR ProForce M17 is just one of these training tools.

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“SIG Sauer P365 Air Pistol” by Scott W. Wagner

The SIG P365 Air Pistol is the latest addition to the precision air pistol lineup, which now totals 11 SIG replicas. If you’re not familiar with this product line, you should be warned: These aren’t your daddy’s BB guns. SIG’s lineup is appealing to adults and is also useful. (It can be appealing and beneficial for young shooters as well.)

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“The Failure to Fire Drill” by Mike Brickner

This week, we are joined in the studio by Jason Speller, Chief Instructor of D.R.A.W School, for another great dry-fire drill. Jason takes us through a quick failure-to-fire drill to demonstrate his new training product, the BarrelBlok training system. This system makes your EDC firearm completely safe and unable to accept live ammunition during training

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