We’ve heard it a hundred times: A concealed carry gun is supposed to be comforting, not comfortable. In other words, buck up and just deal with a bit of the physical discomfort of carrying, knowing you have a means of defending yourself. The notion is fair and, for the most part, well meant and well taken. But this is 2017. Comfortable and comforting should no longer be mutually exclusive in the world of concealed carry. And it’s not if you’re carrying your gun in a Cover6 Gear holster, one of the more comfortable holsters available today.

That’s a Charter Arms Undercover Lite holstered in the Cover6 Gear holster you see here. And “lite” it is at only 12 ounces unloaded. But that’s the kind of gun I like to carry — because I’ll actually carry it all day. So, to prove the Cover6 Gear’s worthiness of truly being more comfortable, I carried the Undercover Lite in it for three straight days, removing it only when sleeping. Carry location on my body was around 2 o’clock, sometimes called “appendix carry.” With a covering garment, it’s a great location due to the easy, fast access. And it’s super easy to put a holster on and off as needed throughout the day (which I didn’t). But appendix carry can be tough, depending on your build, because the gun may dig into your gut when you’re sitting or driving.

This Cover6 Gear holster (retail $60) is called the Single Point Swivel — not surprisingly, because the belt clip attaches to the holster via a single point swivel. This allows the holster to move in such a way that it can sit inside your waistband at whatever location is most comfortable for you. For me, in appendix carry, the holster clips to the belt and then moves to my right. This puts the Undercover Lite’s stocks almost resting on my gun belt, close to 3 o’clock. This is very comfortable while sitting, standing or walking.

Besides the swivel, the holster’s leather (high-quality cowhide) also contributes to it being more comfortable. It’s firm enough to mold around your gun, holding it securely, yes, but soft enough that it conforms to your body as you wear it and break it in.

So, for three days I wore this gun in this holster, just as you see it here. My activities during this time included a good ’ole normal life but also long walks outside, long sessions of sitting and six hours of driving. Admittedly, the holster felt best when I had a t-shirt tucked in behind it, but that was more to prevent the gun from touching my skin than the holster. And the gun belt on which it was clipped? A Disse Gear Amerihide gun belt, 1¼ inches wide.

A final word about the Cover6 Gear holster: It doesn’t take long for the natural leather to begin showing signs of wear. This is normal and, whether you can see it or not, the holster is conforming to your body shape. It’s all part of the process of becoming a more comfortable holster.

Learn more at http://coversixgear.com/holsters/single-point-swivel/charter-arms-single-point-swivel/.