CCW Breakaways has been providing concealed carry clothing since 2010. The concealed carry pants allow wearers to carry up to a full-sized pistol (depending on pant style) comfortably and invisibly. CCW Breakaways’ patented special deep “holster-pocket” allows for a rapid draw from concealment. Along with concealed carry shorts, jeans, cargo pants and khaki pants, CCW Breakaways has now added a work and casual pant design.

I have tested both the pleated khaki and cargo trousers. Those pants not only look good but are well-constructed and comfortable and accomplish the mission of making concealed carry easier. To draw from concealment in any Breakaways pants, a user simply has to reach into the deep pocket and grasp the pistol in a firm shooting grip with the finger on the frame of the gun. Then, snapping the wrist outward will break away and enlarge the pocket opening. Pants are designed with this snap on either side, accommodating left- and right-handed shooters.

I recommend using the Skintight Holsters sold separately with CCW Breakaway products to save wear and tear on the specially designed pockets. In the case of Glock pistols, the holster also keeps the trigger shielded. Skintight Holsters work great in standard pockets as well.

About CCW Breakaway Concealed Carry Pants

As the name implies, the newest trousers are a modern work style that, of course, also work great as casual pants. They are available in the reviewed honey gold as well as charcoal grey. CCW Breakaways’ concealed carry work and casual pants are made of heavy-duty, 13-ounce thick 100 percent cotton. These pants are strong enough for work environments but styled for everyday casual wear.

The work and casual pants feature built-in holster pockets with a breakaway opening as well as a cell phone pocket on the right side. The integrated pockets designed for firearm carry and concealment are fully adjustable for multiple gun sizes and body shapes. Pockets include internal Velcro attachments as well, to accommodate MagSocks and other tools, such as knives and lights.

The work and casual pant has been successfully field tested with a SIG P365, Glock 26, Glock 43, Smith & Wesson Shield, Ruger MAX-9 & EC9, Springfield Hellcat & XDs and Taurus GX4. If you wish to carry a larger handgun, CCW Breakaways recommends the cargo or khaki pants.

Wearing the CCW Pants

The new CCW Breakaways work pants are truly comfortable enough for all-day wear. They allow you to carry and deeply conceal some firearms that aren’t generally considered true pocket pistols — the Glock 26, 27 or 33 for instance.

A Springfield Armory Hellcat served as my test gun and proved to be an ideal pairing. For ultimate comfort and security, I found using the ultralight and ultra-thin SkinTight holster is preferred. It covers the triggerguard and protects against skin irritation from the hard corners of a handgun.

Wearing CCW Breakaways also provides enhanced weapon security. A Breakaways-concealed handgun isn’t susceptible to a gun grab attempt, making these concealed carry pants a great option in crowds.

All the CCW Breakaway trousers place the handgun on top of the thigh, whether standing or seated. As that’s not where most people would think to check for a concealed handgun, the CCW Breakaways system truly provides, “nothing to see here, folks.” I also found that roomier fit of the work pant didn’t require the sample Anti-Print Shield that was sent. The gun didn’t press tightly against the fabric.

Concealed Carry Pants Worth Buying?

CCW Breakaways does not currently offer female specific trousers. However, the website does show one user in a pair of CCW Breakaways khakis and provides another user’s concealed carry journey. All CCW Breakaway pants are true to size, making it possible and easy for women to order a pair as well.

Detailed instructions are given on the ordering section about how to measure for a proper fit. CCW Breakaways pants are tailored to your size. Once you submit measurements, they are kept on file for additional orders. If your size changes between orders, make sure you update your information.

The patented CCW Breakaways are the best way to carry larger handguns deeply and securely, while maintaining a snag-free rapid draw. No other pant does this. The work and casual pants are priced reasonably at $75 and should give you many years of service.


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