Walther’s PPS M2 is a great concealed carry handgun. It is reliable, accurate and simple. As you know, excellence in concealed carry is as much about the holstering system as it is about which handgun you choose to carry. For me, the Walther carries very well in a few holsters, but none better than the Bravo Concealment Drop-Out-of-Sight (DOS) holster. Here’s why.

First, the trim lines of the Walther PPS M2 make it a great carry gun inside or outside the waistband. But when it comes down to it, I prefer IWB for the added measure of security and concealment. The DOS holster also sports some trim lines, fits the PPS M2 perfectly and requires little space between me and the waistband to achieve a comfortable, stable carry solution. The DOS is meant to be an appendix-carry solution, but it does just fine just about anywhere else it is carried. Usually, it is a toss-up between the appendix and 4 o’clock positions.

Second, the PPS M2 is a great appendix-carry gun and is almost as good in other locations on my person. The Walther drops in the DOS holster inside my waistband and is out of sight under just a T-shirt. The flush-fit magazine ensures the stocks hide well, and the gun’s rounded edges ensure a snag-free draw. Concealment garments drape easily over the gun and the holster.

Third, two belt clips make getting the DOS on and off just shy of difficult. But when installed, you are rewarded with a stable and secure fit. This holster is not coming off unintentionally. If I prefer an easier on/off procedure, I will remove the shorter clip. This provides a bit more holster movement but still ensures a secure platform. Also, belt tension plays a more important role when going with one clip. The longer clip has several screw holes so that you can adjust the location of the clip and the depth of carry.

Also on my belt is an OWB mag pouch for the PPS M2 magazine with the extension. I go OWB for this device because I want to have as little IWB as possible; the gun holster is enough. Besides, the Bravo Concealment mag pouch has two thin belt loops that provide more than enough carry functionality for the Walther’s lightweight magazine. My only complaint here is that the mag pouch has a belt slide and thus requires me to remove my belt almost completely, run it through the holster loops and then run the belt back through my belt loops in order to install it. It would be better if I could just drop it in and go like the gun holster.

Bravo Concealment’s DOS holster retails for $39.99 and includes free shipping, a lifetime warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The single mag pouch retails for $28.99.

More info at: bravoconcealment.com