In this week’s “Ask a Self-Defense Attorney” video, the founder of the largest criminal defense firm in Wisconsin, Tom Grieve, shares with you the biggest mistake that someone can make after a self-defense shooting.

What is the Single Biggest Mistake That Someone Can Make After a Self-Defense Shooting?

As a responsibly armed American, you may have pondered: “If I’m ever involved in a self-defense shooting, what is the biggest mistake I should avoid so I don’t end up wrongfully in jail?” This week, Tom Grieve gives a simple answer to this complex question — “talking.” The answer is obviously a bit more complicated. Highlighted in this week’s video, it really comes down to talking too much and saying the wrong things. Tom also makes the important note that you need to “take the time.” You need to take time before making any statements because your adrenaline will be pumping and, if this event occurred in the middle of the night, you may also be sleep deprived or hungry.

About Tom Grieve, Grieve Law

Attorney Tom Grieve is one of the most respected criminal defense lawyers in Wisconsin. A highly awarded former prosecutor, he founded Grieve Law, LLC — one of the top criminal defense firms in the state. He developed a nuanced knowledge of Wisconsin firearms law. Tom is a certified firearms instructor and participates as a speaker and panelist with the USCCA for live broadcasts, national expos and training videos. He has even served as a speaker and analyst on numerous TV and radio stations, as well as college and law school campuses.


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