AMMO Inc. STREAK Visual Ammunition is revolutionary ammo for indoor range and low-light shooting that lets you see the path of the bullet in real-time, without the use of conventional tracers. STREAK rounds aren’t incendiary and won’t start a fire. They employ an exclusive patented technology that doesn’t generate any heat, making STREAK rounds safe to use in environments where conventional tracers are prohibited.

STREAK ammo is a real game-changer. It provides you with the advantages of tracers without any of the disadvantages. It’s ideal for low light conditions in a situation where adjusting your follow-up shot is paramount

About STREAK Visual Ammunition

Conventional tracer ammo employs bullets that are constructed with a hollow base filled with pyrotechnic material that’s ignited when the bullet is fired. They’re notorious for starting fires and quite often restricted.

STREAK ammo is completely different. The secret is the unique STREAK Technology. It employs a special photo-luminescent coating on the base of the bullet. The muzzle flash charges the coating when the bullet is fired. This causes the base of the bullet to glow, providing a bright visual trace of the bullet’s path. The bullet trace is only visible within 30 degrees of either side of the shooter’s point of view, so it doesn’t give the shooter’s position away to a threat. Since no heat is generated, it’s safe for all indoor and outdoor shooting environments.

STREAK ammo is designed to provide immediate feedback, allowing necessary adjustments to be made in real-time. It’s no longer necessary to pull the target back to see where your shots hit (or missed). This capability makes STREAK ammo an outstanding training tool. It also has real-world personal-defense applications. And don’t discount the fun factor. STREAK ammo is a heck of a lot of fun to shoot.

In terms of shooting performance, STREAK ammo is designed to be equivalent to standard ammo of equivalent caliber and bullet weight. There’s no change in trajectory. Accuracy is also on par. This isn’t surprising since the only significant difference between STREAK bullets and standard bullets is the coating on the base.

STREAK ammo employs AMMO Inc.’s proprietary HyperClean technology. This allows for a cleaner and more enjoyable shooting experience. It also reduces cleaning time by up to 50 percent.

There are two versions of STREAK ammo. The original Red STREAK has a red bullet trace. And the new Green STREAK has a green bullet trace. The Red STREAK has been available for a few years, so some of you may already be familiar with it. Green STREAK was introduced in 2022.

Although green colors are better recognized by the human eye under brighter light conditions than red colors, in reduced light, the human eye is able to recognize both about equally. If you’re running a red dot optic or red laser, you may want to go with Green STREAK ammo for contrast. If you use green dots, you may want to go with Red STREAK ammo.

Testing the Ammo

AMMO Inc. provided me with Green STREAK 9mm 124-grain Total Metal Coating (TMC) ammo for evaluation. I opted for the 9mm caliber as it dominates the self-defense market and can be found in some of the most popular pistols for concealed carry.

STREAK is made for two different applications: TMC for target range use and training and JHP for self-defense. TMC bullets are completely copper covered. There’s no exposed lead. This is important, especially for indoor range use. In comparison, conventional FMJ bullets have an exposed lead base, increasing chances of lead exposure, as well as increasing the amount of gun cleaning needed.

The STREAK bullet traces are clearly visible in typical indoor range lighting conditions, although if your eyes are focused tightly on your front sights, you may see little more than your front sight and muzzle flash. The answer is to shift focus more to the target. It isn’t an issue in target focus shooting/point index shooting.

The accuracy and consistency of the STREAK ammo is excellent. Ammo Inc. has become known for its outstanding ammo and STREAK ammo is no exception. Ammo Inc. uses only the highest quality components in the manufacture of its ammo. All of its ammo is subjected to very stringent quality controls.

The HyperClean Technology definitely works. There’s very little barrel fouling to clean up after shooting, much less than with most target ammo. This is a big plus, especially for an avid shooter like me who hates gun cleaning.

To sum it all up, STREAK ammo isan excellent shooting tool that works as advertised. There isn’t anything else like it. Definitely give STREAK ammo a try.

Purchasing STREAK Visual Ammo

STREAK Visual Ammunition is currently available in .380; 9mm; .40 S&W; .44 Special; .44 Magnum; .45 ACP and .45. Colt calibers in standard bullet weights. It’s available in two different lines: Total Metal Performance Line and the Hollow-Point Defensive Line.

STREAK ammo comes in 20- and 200-round boxes. Pricing is surprisingly affordable. A 20-round box of STREAK ammo will run you around the same price as a 50-round box of regular ammo. The Total Metal rounds are the most economical to shoot, making them the clear choice for firearms training.


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