Have you ever wanted to strategically map out your firearms training journey to meet specific goals? Or do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of training content and need some guidance on where to start or where to go next? The USCCA has created an exclusive, ever-growing information library of options and activities for wherever you’re at in your defensive firearms journey. And it can help you get started, keep moving or find new direction as you strive to become a more confident, proficient and responsible firearms owner.

Protector Academy combines top-quality eLearning courses, video series, guides, checklists, in-person training and/or shooting qualifications to help you continue your firearms training journey, no matter your location or your skill level. This multifaceted online platform offers numerous digital training tools that guide you step-by-step through various sessions that will help you master the important skills and knowledge every protector needs. The interactive library features additional tiered content for USCCA Members. There are more than 120 hours of training content available to Elite members, with new subject matter being added every month.

Courses, Videos & Guides

At launch, the Protector Academy housed 204 micro-lessons and seven eLearning courses. (While there is some topic overlap, these eLearnings differ from purchased eLearning courses.) Currently, the continuously expanding platform includes tips from industry experts, legal self-defense information and details on how to treat gunshot wounds. As well, users can find scenario-based Proving Ground training, skill-building drills and concealed carry basics.

Some of the titles include Drill of the Month, Pro Tips, Ask an Attorney, Defensive Shooting, Emergency Preparedness, Handgun Safety and Marksmanship Fundamentals, AR-15 Essentials, Red-Dot Sights, Mental Health and Firearms, and the Concealed Carry Lifestyle. Protector Academy also features recurring monthly content for USCCA Members in the Platinum and Elite tiers

In-Person Training & Qualifications

Of course, concealed carry training is not just meant for the virtual world. So the Protector Academy platform encourages users to seek out trainers and ranges in their area, take in-person classes, and look for local opportunities to work their way through three levels of qualification courses that include live-fire challenges.

Go at your own pace and put your knowledge and experience to the test. Plus you’ll have the help and guidance of certified USCCA Instructors and Training Counselors. Some partners even offer special range days designed to help you practice all of the drills to complete Level 1, Level 2 and/or Level 3 range requirements. It’s a great way to not only build your skills but also to build our USCCA community.

Firearms Training On the Go

You can also train how, when and where you want by downloading the USCCA Protector Academy app. The app makes it easy to stay up to date on new features, view your achievements and track your progress through the levels of qualification. This way, there’s never an excuse for not making progress toward your personal firearms training goals.

Getting Started

For current USCCA members, be sure to go to log into your USCCA Dashboard to access your Protector Academy resources. What are you waiting for? Earn those badges! Or see what’s new! For those who haven’t yet honed in on their training journey, check out our USCCA Membership to get more information about USCCA membership and all the value-added benefits Protector Academy has waiting for you.