USCCA Hits a Bullseye With State Reciprocity Map


 USCCA Hits a Bullseye With State Reciprocity Map

Nov. 2, 2018, West Bend, WI — The US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA), in its ongoing effort to educate responsibly armed Americans, has launched an interactive map detailing concealed carry reciprocity between all 50 states.

The concealed carry reciprocity map is available at

Veritable Cache of Valuable Data

Researchers at the USCCA pored over tens of thousands of lines of state statutes compiling concise, layman-friendly profiles for each of the 50 states. The proprietary system automatically cross-checks compatibility between states in order to display a simple color-coded map. This information is invaluable for concealed carry permit holders legally traveling with their firearms. The site also contains state-specific information on open carry, knife restrictions and step-by-step concealed carry licensing procedures.

Go, No-Go or Slow Your Roll

By clicking on the state in which the user holds a valid concealed carry permit, users are presented with a color-coded map of the US. Red states indicate that the permit holder cannot concealed carry there. Dark blue indicates concealed carry is allowed with the user’s permit, while light blue denotes state-specific conditions — the user should scroll down for more information on what restrictions his or her permit faces in the target state.

Updates, Updates, Updates

As you can imagine, the body of statutes governing firearms is a constantly evolving monstrosity. The USCCA employs a dedicated data specialist who keeps up to date on the latest developments and applies any new information to the USCCA state reciprocity site (once she confirms and vets the information, of course). Bonnie G., Content Coordinator – State CC Laws, is excited to move the project into stage two.

“We’ve got a marvelous system in place,” stated Bonnie, “for adding content and updates for all of the states as laws and policies change.” It is imperative to the mission of the USCCA that responsibly armed Americans have the latest information at their fingertips, and Bonnie is the vanguard of upholding that responsibility.

Setting Sights on the Future

Never one to rest on its laurels, the USCCA is already working on enhancements for the newly launched concealed carry reciprocity site. Future features will include county-by-county breakdowns of local ordinances and an automated alert system for the mobile app that warns USCCA members when they’re approaching a state border crossing that may conflict with the status of their permit.

“We pride ourselves on being the good guys, and that means following all applicable gun- and concealed-carry-related laws where we live and travel,” stated USCCA President, Tim Schmidt. “Our site — and certainly the improvements we already have planned — is going to help responsibly armed Americans wade through all of that information. I couldn’t be more excited about what’s in store.”

About the USCCA

The USCCA is a membership organization of more than 285,000 responsibly armed Americans. Its mission is to educate 10,000,000 gun owners; legally protect 1,000,000 USCCA Members; stop 20,000 crimes and save 1,000 lives by 2022. The association offers industry-leading education and training to its members and publishes the award-winning Concealed Carry Magazine. Visit for more information.

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