President’s Message: Why I’m Excited About Getting “Kicked Out” of the NRA Annual Meeting…

Presidents Message: 4/21/2017

We Will NEVER Stray from Our Mission

Something sort of bizarre happened to me recently that I sincerely believe you have a right to know about. After all, it concerns you, too…

About a week ago, I came in to work and found a FedEx letter from the NRA sitting on my desk.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I LOVE getting mail from friends in the firearms industry. And since I’m a proud Lifetime Member of the NRA, and with their Annual Meetings and Exhibits just around the corner, I figured it had to be about one of those two things.

As it turns out, the note inside was concerning the upcoming NRA Show in Atlanta, Georgia … just NOT in the way I was expecting.

Long story short, the NRA sent over a brief letter with a very clear message: The USCCA would no longer be allowed to exhibit at their upcoming show in Atlanta. Yep … the NRA cancelled our booth space less than TWO WEEKS before we were scheduled to appear at the show.

Now, you’re probably wondering what the heck is going on, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little perplexed myself.

The truth is, I don’t really know the motive behind the NRA’s move. I mean, the USCCA has ALWAYS had a great relationship with the NRA. And the way I see it, we’re all in this together.

If I had to guess, I’d say that perhaps this is a strategic business maneuver. I mean, the concealed carry market has really exploded over the last decade — just look at how long the USCCA has been around! Maybe the NRA recognizes us as the frontrunner in providing the absolute best education, training and self-defense protection in the industry. And perhaps they’re starting to see us less as a partner and more as a competitor.

As much as it sort of stings that we got “booted” from the NRA Show, I believe that this sort of competition is a good, healthy and even exciting thing — especially from a goliath like the NRA.

Here’s why:

When there is healthy competition in the free market, the CUSTOMER always wins. And in our industry — in our niche — that means MORE good guys and gals with guns. And you already know how I feel about that: The more good guys and gals with guns, the safer we all are!

Now, here’s something I need to make perfectly clear:

Whether or not the NRA supports us, we will continue to support them.

We will continue to believe in their mission.

We will continue to respect the historical significance of what they have done to preserve and protect our God-given rights.

And we will always support their legislative and lobbying efforts.

I personally will continue to donate to the NRA as a proud Lifetime Member.

And even though you won’t find the USCCA booth at the NRA Show in Atlanta next weekend (although a few of us will still be attending), I want to reassure you that the USCCA isn’t going ANYWHERE.

We’re not backing down or straying from our own focused mission: to provide you with the most comprehensive education, training and self-defense protection ANYWHERE. (This has always been — and always will be — our main focus, and that’s why we do it better than anyone else!)

Trust me when I say that our beliefs, our values, our culture and our customers will continue to be the driving forces in all we do.

Oh, and one more thing:

While I don’t really know the “why” behind the NRA’s decision to exclude us from their upcoming event, there is something I DO know — unequivocally and without a single bit of doubt:

The USCCA’s “why” stems back to the single, powerful desire to protect the ones we love. And I may be just a bit biased, but I truly believe that this will keep us a solid step ahead of the competition.

Thanks for sticking with me. I promise I’ll always have your back!

Take Care and Stay Safe,

Tim Schmidt
Publisher – Concealed Carry Report
USCCA Founder


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