Born to Protect: USCCA Launches Rebrand at SHOT Show 2020

West Bend, WI – For SHOT Show 2020, the United States Concealed Carry Association will unveil a dramatic update to its brand and messaging. The change marks a milestone in the company’s history after nearly 16 years of dynamic growth that saw USCCA memberships soar to more than 330,000 in 2019, with additional expansion of its training and partnership programs.

The rebranding includes a major upgrade to the brand’s look, now “safety gold,” and the introduction of a new brand slogan, “Born to Protect.”

“That message is a perfect reflection of the USCCA’s mission and every single one of our members,” said Mike Lowney, the USCCA’s chief marketing officer spearheading the rebrand campaign. “In a world that teaches people to say, ‘Do it for me,’ we choose to bear the strength to protect what matters most. It takes a special kind of person to make that choice — someone born to be a protector.”

Both the new brand colors and slogan are now on display at and will be featured prominently for the first time at the USCCA’s booth for SHOT Show 2020.

The USCCA’s new look and feel is specifically meant to emphasize the principles of safety, vigilance and strength.

The USCCA’s new brand phrase, “Born to Protect,” also reflects the company’s history. President and Founder Tim Schmidt created the company after he experienced his own self-defense awakening with the birth of his first child.

Determined to help others protect the people they love, Schmidt launched the USCCA in 2003.

“We measure everything we do through the lens of our mission to save lives by empowering responsible gun owners,” said Schmidt. “Every member of the USCCA team understands the impact they are having on our members. There’s even a sign on the front door of our headquarters for every employee to see when they come to work each day. It reads, ‘Get ready to save lives.’ That’s what we do, and we do it by supporting America’s responsible protectors.”

Schmidt noted that there are millions of Americans seeking the resources to become confident protectors. The changes are merely one more step to prepare the USCCA for continued growth in 2020.

The USCCA is the largest and fastest-growing association focused entirely on providing self-defense knowledge, training and legal protection for responsibly armed Americans. Find out more about the USCCA at

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