Self-Defense & Home Defense

Be prepared with a variety of concealed carry and firearms tips and tactics that can help keep you and your family safe both inside and outside of your home. Find helpful articles and videos, including the Into the Fray training series, that cover everything from situational awareness and conflict avoidance to cover vs. concealment and the use of force in a critical encounter.

A Word About Hot Brass!

Deal with it! Don’t be a sissy! Take the pain. Hot brass burns, but the burn is not nearly as… Read More >

Are You Tough Enough to Walk Away?

Do you live in a “stand your ground” state? Are you adamant that you will stand your ground because it… Read More >

Danger Zone: The Fallacy of Gun-Free Areas

A man died. He left his typewriter to his lawyer, and in the back of the typewriter, the lawyer found… Read More >

A Better Way to Back Up

Instead of trying to walk backward during a fight, a quick pivot will allow you to move forward as you… Read More >

Why Do We Carry Guns?

If we want to believe that we only do things for the right reasons, we need to know why we… Read More >

Clearing a Cover Garment

As the weather gets cooler, we usually add an extra layer of clothing. That layer is just one more thing… Read More >

ECQB: Fighting in an RV?

After recently spending 20 hours in a recreational vehicle, I thought a little bit about what it would be like… Read More >

Don’t Fall Into This Trap

Wouldn’t it be great to do away with the criminals who sneak into our homes or trash our businesses while… Read More >

Train Like You Would Fight!

Slow, deliberate fire is NOT training for a gunfight. That is marksmanship practice, and it does not really improve your… Read More >

Keep Your Distance!

Everyone who carries can learn from deadly force incidents, even those involving police officers. For that reason, a recent fatal… Read More >

Running Your Slide: You Choose!

I just got another letter asking about the “right” way to grasp a slide. The author said he had an… Read More >

Knife Attack! What Would You Do?

Watch this surveillance video. What would you do if an attacker with a knife went after a person in the… Read More >