After we talked about using combative skills and attempting to move away from an attacker, many older readers reached out to say they were not fit enough or flexible enough to move like that. Some said they were not strong enough to punch or to block a punch and asked us to teach them something they could do instead. The option is simple: If you are older, you can shoot sooner.

If there is a serious disparity of force, the victim has the right to use more force sooner to stop the assault. Remember that you are stopping an imminent deadly threat. If you are facing death or great bodily harm, use your gun. Use it right away and stay alive and unharmed. Then make it clear to the investigators that you feared imminent death or great bodily harm and that if the attacker were able to strike you with even one punch, you could have been killed or seriously injured. We can’t teach you how to move better. We can’t make your bad knees healthy again. We can give you the information that allows you to legally defend your life.

Don’t Wait to Fight

Just about everyone waits too long before taking action during a self-defense incident. Older people, who may not be able to move easily or deliver or block punches, should react to aggression even sooner.