Someone runs up behind a woman, snatches her purse and takes off. You’ve just witnessed this. What do you do? Steve Fischer, Training Operations Manager for the USCCA, is going to answer that question for you.

Let It Go

You should let that purse go. There’s nothing inside of that purse that’s worth dying for or going to the hospital over. Whether it’s your purse or you just watched someone that’s had her purse snatched, this is not a situation where you want to get involved to the extent of chasing after someone.

You don’t want to agitate the thief to the point that a fight occurs. That will just leave you worried about losing your life and wondering if you have to go for your gun. Those are bad decisions. The next thing to do is to be a good witness.

Get a description of that person. Figure out where it is that he or she is going. Get on the phone and call 911. Get the police involved. Get them there as fast as you possibly can, and nobody gets hurt … except maybe the bad guy when the police show up.