A deadly shooting at a mall in Greenville, Indiana, was ended quickly by legally armed citizen Elisjsha Dicken. From a distance of 40 yards, Dicken ended the attack in 10 rounds. Forty yards is certainly beyond the normal training distance. How many of us expect to make a shot from that far under stress? But if you intend to carry for emergency conditions, your concealed carry firearm must be set up for such accuracy. XS Sights have just the equipment to help.

Though I used to feel comfortable carrying a six-shot Colt Agent without a reload, that armament is no match for today’s setting. I currently carry my 9mm Springfield Armory SA-35, .45 Remington R1 Ultralight Executive 1911 or .38 Super Alchemy Custom Firearms Class Carry 1911. Each is highly reliable with an excellent trigger and long-range capabilities. However, the Springfield SA-35 was not equipped with Tritium front sights.

XS Sights for SA-35

After the SA-35 was introduced, it took XS sights only three months to manufacture replacement sights. The R3D Tritium Night Sights were the first series in the XS lineup to become available. I received a set of R3Ds with the photoluminescent green glow front sight.

Product specifications claim these particular sights can be tricky to install. But if you have concerns about installation, contact XS about shipping your slide. I arranged to ship the slide in for XS to handle the installation and got it back with the R3D sights installed in just a few days.

The R3D sights are the most traditional Tritium sights in the XS lineup and feature a notch and post sight picture. This basic type of sight picture features two smaller Tritium vials on the rear sight that align with a brighter single Tritium dot on the front. The front Tritium vial is further enhanced by a green “Glow Dot” that encircles it.

The Glow Dot is an interesting feature that absorbs or “charges” ambient lights. It emits a green glow in low light, providing an around-the-clock visibility-enhancing system. Regardless of the light conditions, the dominant eye gets immediately drawn to the front sight.

The R3D sights, like the other XS models, are CNC machined from solid steel. The rear sight has a slight overhand to reduce glare, and the rear Tritium globes feature anti-reflective lenses.

Should You Buy an XS R3D Sight?

I’ve had the XS R3D sights mounted on the SA-35 for just a little more than a month now, and I love them. I’ve carried the SA-35 day and night. In bright sunlight or in my home after dark, the R3D sights excel, and my SA-35 is good to go under all conditions and ranges. Guaranteed for 10 years, the MSRP of the R3D sights is $116.


XS Sights: XSSights.com