There are a lot of moving parts after a self-defense shooting. The incident will be investigated top to bottom and end to end. And there’s always the chance of a trial too.

If your shooting was found to be justified, you won’t lose your concealed carry permit. And eventually, you’ll even get your firearm back. However, if the investigation reveals your shooting wasn’t justified, it was assault, attempted murder or murder. And you’ll definitely lose your permit as you’ll be charged and possibly convicted of a felony.

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This is yet another reason to be aware of all of the laws where you are carrying. Not just the concealed carry laws; the self-defense laws too. Authorities use state statutes to determine if they can take your permit.In some states, you can also lose your right to concealed carry without participating in a self-defense shooting.

Being involved in a self-defense incident will not automatically result in you losing your concealed carry permit. There will be an investigation, and it will take a while. Make sure you’ve done everything right to not only keep your permit but to avoid going to jail. Find a concealed carry class that covers the laws in your area.

You can learn about concealed carry fundamentals and the permitting laws in your area with a class from the USCCA.