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When Social Tension Spikes: Advice From a Warrior


John Lovell, founder of the Warrior Poet Society, sits down with Steve Fischer, USCCA’s training operations manager, to discuss the rise of unrest and why ALL Americans need to be prepared for the worst. If you aren’t familiar with John, he’s a firearms and tactics instructor for civilians, a former Army Ranger and war veteran.

Find out what you can do right now to avoid, de-escalate and defend yourself from danger during these times of mayhem. Likewise, there are hard lessons that we can take away by studying these events to become ultimate protectors.

Tune in right here at 7 p.m. Central Time, June 11, to watch. 

Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • What it means to be a Warrior Poet and protector in a time of social uncertainty
  • The stressors that are contributing to heightened anger among individuals: the media, confinement as a result of the pandemic and unemployment 
  • How to appropriately address vandalism
  • Proven strategies for survival during civil unrest using a powerful three-step approach: avoid, escape and fight
  • How to detect and defend against a threat, even in a crowded environment
  • The value and importance of preparation

You won’t want to miss this valuable information about home and self-defense!


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