You do have a “get home” bag, don’t you? If not, how do you expect to get home?

Sorry about that. I’ll be serious for the rest of this post.

There is a very real possibility that something “larger” than a simple robbery or assault could befall us. Regardless of what the other media outlets are telling you, terrorists are real and they are coming here. Those peaceful protestors gathered to exercise their First Amendment rights to express their disapproval of police tactics might not stay peaceful.

In such cases, you may need more than just a concealed pistol and some spare ammo to get from where you are—typically work—to where you need to be—usually home to protect your family.

A “get home” bag won’t keep you alive in the wilderness for seven days, but extra gear will help you to navigate situations that are growing and evolving rapidly.

Stock your bag with the things YOU know you need. I can’t give you a definitive list, but this video is a good place to start.

Are You Ready for This?

Spare keys, extra glasses, more ammo, water, medicine, a first-aid kit…these are all items that should be in your “get home” bag. When you need more than just a gun you won’t have time to compile the kit. Do it now.