We tell you over and over: Get more training! Training will save your life. Training will help you overcome the dynamic and confusing nature of a self-defense incident. But there is another side of training as well.

Consider the fact that, following a self-defense incident, just about every element of your life will be scrutinized and you will quickly realize that investigators will want to know what kind of training you had. Your training will influence your decision-making skills, and just about everyone will be asking you why you did what you did. If you tell investigators you acted in accordance with your training, you had better be able to show proof of that training. Good instructors will provide you with training certificates and outlines showing the program of instruction. Keep those items in the event that anyone ever questions your training.

Also remember that your trainers will likely be questioned by investigators and could be called to testify in court about your training. If you plan on using your training as part of your legal defense, you had better have done the things that your instructor taught you. That instructor will certainly tell investigators how you were trained and what you were instructed to do when faced with an imminent deadly threat.

If you are involved in a deadly force incident, your bad day will very likely last several months as police investigate your actions. The better prepared and the more organized you are, the better off you will be. Take this stuff seriously.

Gather Your Information

Make sure you have your proof of training safely stored so that you can find it when you need it. Your training will be an important part of the investigation surrounding any self-defense incident. Good recordkeeping will always help.