Having the opportunity to travel and teach around the nation, I get to interact with a lot of people who are in the 2A community and many who are members of the USCCA. It’s refreshing and amazing (and sometimes very eye-opening) to hear some of the everyday stories members have to share about important life lessons they have learned, developed or been reminded of because of the training. What a great feeling to know that the work of the USCCA is having an impact! And while it sometimes might feel like it’s just little things, here and there, every now and again, those little things are actually very big and very significant … because they just might be keeping people from very real dangers.

There are so many great stories out there, but I wanted to share just a few short tales and words of wisdom, based on some categories that came up in conversations in the online USCCA Community. Feel free to share your success stories, too!

 Situational Awareness

  • “I have learned a lot in my two years. I am constantly running scenarios through my head when I am out and about. Situational awareness is always on my mind now.”
  • “I have found that situational awareness has protected me from problems of unknown amounts.”

Conflict Avoidance

  • “Just yesterday I went to gas up, and when I was trying to move forward to the pump, a man cut through and almost hit my car. He started yelling obscenities at me and parked his vehicle to go inside. I decided to leave and gas up down the road. Who knows what could’ve happened if I stayed there? USCCA trains you to avoid, and I remembered that in this situation.”
  • “Walk away from trouble if I can.”
  • “I have learned more techniques for de-escalating situations and avoiding further confrontation and simple awareness. One of my recent encounters was when I was in my local Walmart and a guy came out of an aisle, resulting in the two of us almost walking into each other. I said ‘excuse me,’ but he instantly had a little bit of rage in his eyes. I was not afraid of him, but I didn’t want to get into an unnecessary incident with him. Noticing that he had on an Alabama football shirt and hat, I smiled and said, ‘Roll Tide.’ He immediately exhaled, smiled and said ‘Roll Tide, brother,’ and we went on about our day. I am not an Alabama fan, but I understand how to get the right response from football fans here in the South.”

 Legal Issues

  • “I am constantly looking at real-life events with a different perspective now. And I also know there is still so much to learn…”
  • “I learned the difference between being armed and being responsibly armed.”
  • “I have learned that I need to learn the laws of the state I live in. If I go on a vacation, plan a route that won’t take me through [New Jersey, California, New York or] similar states.”


  • “There is much more than being able to draw your firearm without shooting yourself in the foot and being able to bullseye a target at the range.”
  • “USCCA has changed the way how I look at the everyday life. It made me stronger physically (tactical training, firearm classes, USCCA courses, frequent range visits, everyday workout) and mentally (USCCA video series, self-defense/gun laws legal seminar organized by USCCA).”
  • I learned the difference between being armed and responsibly armed.”
  • “USCCA has trained my mental perspective about how to handle whatever comes upon me and my loved ones; how to make the correct actions and decisions if or when needed; taught me responsibility, not only about being armed but also in everything I may do.”